Maine Lake Survey Maps - Lincoln County

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Body of Water Alternate Name Location
Adams Pond   Boothbay
Biscay Pond   Damariscotta
Boyd Pond   Bristol
Clark Cove Pond   South Bristol
Clary Lake Pleasant Pond Jefferson
Cooks Pond   Nobleboro
Damariscotta Lake   Jefferson
Deer Meadow Pond   Jefferson
Duckpuddle Pond   Nobleboro
Dyer Long Pond   Jefferson
Dyer Pond (Little)   Jefferson
Gardiner Pond   Wiscasset
Givens Pond Longfellow Pond Whitefield
Hastings Pond   Bristol
Havener Pond   Waldoboro
Horn Pond   Jefferson
Ice Pond   Bristol
James Pond   Somerville
Kaler Pond   Waldoboro
Knickerbocker Pond   Boothbay
Lily Pond   Edgecomb
Little Pond   Damariscotta
McCurdy Pond   Bremen
Medomak Pond   Waldoboro
Medomak Pond (Little)   Waldoboro
Musquash Pond   Jefferson
Paradise Pond Muddy Pond Damariscotta
Pemequid Pond   Nobleboro
Peters Pond Gross Pond Waldoboro
Pinkham Pond   Alna
Ross Pond   Bristol
Sherman Lake   Edgecomb
Sidensparker Pond   Waldoboro
Three-Corner Pond   Jefferson
Travel Pond   Jefferson
Turner Pond Turner Mill Pond Somerville
Upper Pond   Bristol
Weary Pond   Whitefield
Webber Pond   Bremen
West Harbor Pond   Boothbay Harbor
Wiley Pond   Boothbay