Aziscohos Lake Salmonid Fishery

JOB NO. F-104

Aziscohos Lake is a 6,700-acre water formed by the construction of a dam on the Magalloway River.  The lake supports fisheries for both salmon and brook trout.  All of the trout and most of the salmon are wild fish.  Salmon stocking was suspended in 1999 due to concern about growth rates and because of the increase in the contribution of wild salmon to the fishery. 

During the summer of 2002, anglers were interviewed at Aziscohos Lake to gather biological information on the quality of the salmon and brook trout fishery.  This information was compared with that collected in a similar manner in 1991, 1993 1996, and 1999.  The total number of angler days , which has varied from 3,703 to 6,477 in the past, was estimated to be 4,692 days in 2002.  Salmon growth decreased from 1991 to 1993 but improved in 1996.  Growth rates declined moderately again in 1999 and in 2002 but still exceed those of the early 1990’s when all of the tributaries were open to smelting.  Furthermore, the number of salmon caught per angler has increased steadily since those tributaries were closed to smelting, despite the cessation of salmon stocking.          

The catch rate of legal-size brook trout has declined since 1996 because of restrictive regulations imposed that year.  We will continue to monitor the Aziscohos Lake fishery by conducting a creel survey and angler count every third year.

An angler day is defined as one angler fishing for one day, regardless of the length of the trip.

Written by Forrest Bonney

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