Licenses and Permits

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Inland Fisheries and Wildlife does  NOT recognize any stand alone on line program for validation for Hunter Safety.

We have been made aware of sportspersons using an online course certificate to show proof of hunter safety.  On line courses do not qualify.

Applicants for an adult hunting license must show proof of having previously held an adult license to hunt with firearms in any year beginning with 1976 or successful completion of an approved hunter safety course. 

States such as New Hampshire do allow online study but students must then attend & complete a one day training program to complete.

Notice: The Department will no longer be mailing out miscellaneous applications ( Trapping, Bait Dealers, etc.) as part of a cost-saving measure. You can download the application(s), print, and mail to:

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
284 State Street
41 SHS
Augusta, ME 04333-0041

Buy your Hunting and Fishing License Online: You can purchase licenses any time of the day or night, and print your license out in your home or office in just minutes.

You can also apply online for moose permits and any-deer permits.

Registrations ATV, Boat, Snowmobile

Residents and nonresidents may obtain licenses from license agents throughout the state (sporting goods stores, many convenience stores, and town clerks), or online.

Nonresidents may also purchase a license by mail from the Department office in Augusta, ME. Nonresident and Alien Hunting and Fishing License Application PDF. To view the application, you will need the free Adobe Reader. If you need assistance, view our PDF Help page, email us or call us at (207) 287-8000.

Residency Requirements

Individuals may claim only one state or province as their legal residence.

Resident means a citizen of the U.S., or an alien who has been so domiciled for one year.

You will not be considered a Maine resident unless:

  • if registered to vote, registered in Maine;
  • if licensed to drive a motor vehicle, made application for a Maine motor vehicle license;
  • if owning a motor vehicle or vehicles located within the State, registered each such vehicle in Maine;
  • complied with the State income tax laws; and
  • if a full-time student at a Maine college or university, and satisfies above requirements.

Nonresident means a citizen of the United States who does not fall within the definition of Alien or Resident.

Alien means a person who is not a citizen of the United States.