Moose Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

1. Three year waiting period. Starting in 2011, anyone receiving a Maine moose hunting permit must wait three years before being eligible to win another permit. If you received a permit in 2011, 2012, or 2013, you will not be eligible to win in 2014 but you may apply for Bonus Points Only.

2. Bonus points are awarded for each consecutive year the applicant has applied since 1998 and was not selected for a moose permit. Each bonus point accumulated gives the individual an additional chance in the drawing. Bonus points are accumulated as follows:

0 to 5 years = one point per year
5 to 10 years = two points per year
11 to 15 years = three points per year
16+ years = 10 points per year

To determine how many bonus points you have, see chart.

3. Bonus Points Only. Check this option if you want to keep and earn bonus points but do not want to win this year.

4. Skip a year and not lose your bonus points. You can skip one year and keep your bonus points. However, you will lose your bonus points if you fail to apply or purchase bonus points in any 2 consecutive years.

5. Change or add subpermittee. A moose permit winner is allowed to change their subpermittee or their alternate subpermittee until 30 days prior to the start of the moose season. It is now illegal to sell a subpermittee or alternate subpermittee designation.

6. Residents can only buy one chance for $15.

7. Nonresident permit fee is $585. Nonresident options for purchasing chances have not changed. Nonresidents are still allocated 10% of the permits issued in each district.

Q. When is the deadline to submit moose lottery applications?
A. You can apply online until 11:59 PM on May 14, 2014. If you must use a paper application, they must be postmarked by April 1, 2014, or delivered to 284 State Street in Augusta by 5:00 PM on April 1, 2014.

Q. When do you mail the lottery applications?
A. Moose permit lottery applications will be mailed to those customers who applied using a paper application the previous year. We are encouraging all applicants to apply online. If an applicant cannot apply online, they may request that a paper application be sent to them by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to us at:

Moose Permit Application Request
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
284 State Street
41 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0041

Upon receipt of this request, the Department will send a paper application to the address on the self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Q. I applied last year. Why didn't you send me an application this year?
A. Please see above.

Q. I did not receive my preprinted moose permit application in the mail. How do I apply without losing my bonus points?
A. When you apply online, you will be asked if you applied for a moose permit last year (and thus would have bonus points). If you answer "yes" to this question, the online application will look your name and date of birth in our database, and pre-fill the application with information from last year's application as well as the number of bonus points you have. If you choose not to apply online, the paper application will have a place for you to indicate that you applied for a moose permit last year. Department personnel will make sure you get the bonus points you should have, based on the name and date of birth you provide on the application.

Q. How do I get my IF&W ID#?
A. You no longer need to supply this number when applying for a moose permit.

Q. The application says I only have 9 points, but I should have a lot more points by now as I have been applying for many years and purchase many chances each year.
A. The bonus point system started in 1998. If you have been applying every year since 1998, the most bonus points you can have in 2014 would be 40 points. Bonus points are awarded per the following: 0 - 5 years = one point per year, 6 - 10 years = 2 points per year, 11 - 15 years = 3 points per year, 16+ years = 10 points per year.

Q. I am a nonresident. Do I need to provide my hunting license when I apply?
A. No, nonresidents do not need to purchase their hunting license until they are drawn.

Q. I'm not sure which wildlife management district I'm in. How would I find that information?
A. Check wildlife management districts for individual district maps and a town listing.

Q. I was one of the five highest bidders for the moose auction last year. Can I apply for the auction and lottery again this year?
A. You can apply every year for the auction even if you receive an auction permit the year before. Also, winning the bid for an auction permit does not restrict you from applying for a permit in the regular permit drawing the next year.

Q. I don't understand what the subpermittee and alternate subpermittee are all about.
A. The subpermittee is a person who can hunt with the permittee and either the permittee or the subpermittee can kill the moose. Only one moose can be killed per permit, so the permittee and subpermittee must be physically in the presence of each other without the aid of radios or similar devices so that you don't both kill a moose.

Upon application to the Department, the permittee may change that person's subpermittee or alternate subpermittee until 30 days prior to the start of the moose hunting season for which the permit was issued.

If the subpermittee cannot go on the hunt, you have up to 5 business days to switch your alternate subpermittee to be your subpermittee. The permittee must always be present - the subpermittee cannot hunt alone.

Q. I was a subpermittee on a permit last year. Can I apply this year myself?
A. Yes, you can apply this year.

Q. Can I be a subpermittee on more than one application?
A. Yes, you can be listed as a subpermittee on as many applications as you wish.

Q. I am a resident of Maine. Can I list a nonresident to be my subpermittee or alternate? (or vice versa)
A. Yes, you can list a person from another state to be your subpermittee or alternate subpermittee. It doesn't matter whether the subpermittee or alternate subpermittee is a resident or a nonresident. The permittee will be the one purchasing the permit.

Q. How will I know when the drawing is held and if I have been drawn?
A. The drawing will be held in mid-June. We will post the date and time when it becomes available. We post the winners on our web site after the drawing, and notify all winners approximately 2 weeks after the drawing.

Q. What happens if I skip a year in applying?
A. You will keep your bonus points. If you skip two consecutive years, you will lose your bonus points.

Q. Is there any certain number of bonus points that will guarantee me a permit?
A. No. Your bonus points accumulate until you are drawn (as long as you apply yearly), and each point puts your name into the drawing an extra time (in addition to your chances purchased), so your odds increase as your bonus points accumulate.

Q. Can I transfer my permit to someone else if I can't use it?
A. No, moose permits are non-transferable.

Q. I am a resident of Maine. Can I purchase 10 chances?
A. No, you cannot. Only nonresidents can purchase 10 chances. The fact that nonresidents can purchase 10 chances does not hurt your chances to be drawn for a permit. We set aside 10% of all permits for nonresidents and the remainder of the permits go to residents. The resident and nonresident drawings are held separately.

Q. If I list 10 choices for districts, will I get my first choice if it's available?
A. When your name is drawn, we will give you your first choice if it is available. If not, we will give you your second choice, or third, etc.

Q. Do I have to put down all 10 choices for Wildlife Management Districts?
A. No, but you do have to put down at least one WMD choice.

Q. If I check the box that says I do not want to be considered for an antlerless only permit, does that affect my chances of being drawn?
A. When the drawing is held, if you indicated that you do not want an antlerless-only permit, the computer will pass over your name when the antlerless only permits are being drawn and not select you for that permit. You will not lose your points, and it will not affect your chances of being drawn for a bull-only permit.

Q. I prefer a "bull only" permit but would take an "antlerless only" permit if that was all that was available when my name is drawn. What should I check on my application?
A. Check the "yes" box in the section that states "I will accept an antlerless only permit if that is the only permit available at the time you are drawn." We draw the "bull only" permits first. If you are drawn for the "antlerless only" permit then you know that there were not any "bull only" permits left by the time your name was drawn.

Q. What is the age limit for applying for a permit?
A. The applicant must be 10 years old by the last day of the moose hunting season they are applying for. Note: A person cannot hunt until they are 10 years old.

Q. I submitted my application but did not receive a confirmation. How do I know that you received my application?
A. If you applied online and did not receive a confirmation, you can email us or call us at (207) 287-8000.

Q. I mailed in my paper application weeks ago but I have not received my receipt card back in the mail. How do I know that you received my application?
A. We encourage everyone to apply online. When you apply online, you will get instant confirmation of your application. If you apply using a paper application, and want a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application. It takes us some time to process paper applications. Generally, if it has been 2-3 weeks since you mailed your paper application, you can email us or call us at (207) 287-8000, and we will check to see if we have received your application. Applying early will allow us to be able to look up your name before the deadline. Again, the best way to ensure that you have applied for the moose lottery is to apply online and get your confirmation instantly.

Q. I don't remember if I have submitted my moose lottery application for this year. Can you tell me if you have received my application?
A. If you applied online, you can go back to the online application and enter your name and date of birth again. If you have already applied online, the system will indicate that you have already submitted an application.

If you applied using a paper application, you would have mailed us a check or paid with a credit card. Please check your checking account or credit card statement for any indication that you have already applied. We do get a list of applicants who have applied on paper applications periodically throughout the application period, but it takes 2-3 weeks for your name to appear on this list from the time we process your application here in the office. We suggest you apply early, well before the application period ends.

Q. When will I receive my permit?
A. Your moose permit will be mailed to you approximately 2 weeks before the season begins.

Q. I was drawn for a moose permit but will be unable to hunt this year. Can my subpermittee hunt by him or herself? Will I lose my points? Will I be able to hunt again next year?
A. The permittee must be present at all times. The subpermittee cannot hunt by him or herself. You can refuse your permit, but will lose all bonus points that you have accumulated and you can then apply the following year.