Firearms Team

The Maine Warden Service firearms team has 12 members, 1 Administrative Team leader, 1 Training team leader and 10 instructors. The members of the firearms team have received training from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, Sig Arms Academy, Action Target, Street Survival training, and the Maine State Police Tactical Team, just to name a few.

The firearms team trains 125 members of the Warden Service and assists with the training of local police departments, state law enforcement agencies, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The firearms team conducts many hours of firearms training for warden service each year. This training ranges from handgun / shotgun training and qualification to interactive use of force training. The handgun / shotgun training and qualification consist of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy qualifications and participating in tactical training.

The firearms team also uses interactive use of force training which is a scenario-based training and utilizes specialized safety equipment and firearms that are converted to fire, non-lethal, colored marking rounds. The scenarios range from a simple license check of a hunter to a take down of a robbery suspect. During these scenarios, the warden is evaluated in several different areas ranging from verbal communications to controlling the suspect during an arrest.

Some of the benefits of using this type of training are the ability to cover all levels of use of force and real life scenarios. This will in turn give the Game Warden the skills, knowledge, and attitude he/she will need for officer safety while performing his/her law enforcement duties.

The latest addition to the firearms team's responsibilities will be the implementation of a rifle-training program for Warden Service.