Bureau of Resource Management Region B

To see a map and information about one of the Wildlife Management Areas, select the area of interest on the map or from one of the links below. A table showing recreational opportunities is also available. Also shown on the map are other conservation lands in the region (as stippled areas), township outlines, and waterbodies.

Region B Map Main Office Bangor Hdqtrs Regional Hdqtrs Regional Headquarters Main Office

* Warden Service regions differ.

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

  1. Alonzo H. Garcelon WMA
  2. Cambridge WMA
  3. Caesar Pond WMA
  4. Earle R. Kelley (Dresden Bog) WMA
  5. Frye Mountain (Gene Letourneau) WMA
  6. Gawler WMA
  7. Howard L. Mendall (Marsh stream)
  8. Jamies Pond WMA
  9. Madawaska Bog WMA
  10. Martin Stream WMA
  11. Ruffingham Meadow WMA
  12. St. Albans WMA
  13. Sandy Point (Stowers Meadow)
  14. Steve Powell (Swan Island)
  15. Tyler Pond WMA
  16. R. Waldo Tyler (Weskeag Marsh) WMA

Facilities in the Region:

Main Office, Augusta

Region B Headquarters (includes Warden Service)

Fish Hatcheries