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Duck Stamp

In 2014 the Department decided to go back to assigning one species of duck.  2014 Winners include 1st Place Rebekah Lowell or Biddeford; 2nd Place Georgette Kanach of Gray, 3rd Place Olga Wing of Peru; and two honorable mentions Janine Folsom of Skowhegan and Dana Rodman of Rockport.

In 1984, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife [MDIFW] instituted a state duck stamp program modeled loosely after the federal duck stamp program: the stamp was required by hunters 16 years and older, and all revenues from the sale of ducks stamps (about $13,000 - $16,000 annually) are dedicated to the conservation and management of waterfowl in Maine.

In 2002, MDIFW discontinued the duck stamp requirement of hunters, but instead required the purchase of a waterfowl hunting permit on the hunting license.

Duck stamps still are available for purchase by collectors, and revenues from the sales of both the stamp and the waterfowl hunting authority are dedicated to waterfowl conservation programs in Maine.

The 2015 content will continue to feature only one species of duck; the selected subject is a Canvasback.  In 2015, the contest will be on March 27th @ 5pm, in the Art Room at the Augusta Civic Center.

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