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Phone: All phone extensions follow the main office number: (207) 621-2600.

Email: All staff email addresses use the person's first name followed by

General Manager

Paul VandenBussche
General Manager, ext. 028

Administration/Customer Support

Michelle Dorr
Office Manager, ext. 021

Megan Rand
Customer Support, ext. 038

Chelsea Begin
Customer Support, ext. 065

Marketing/Project Management

Lesley Mosher
Director of Operations and Marketing, ext. 034

Dan Andrews
Project Manager, ext. 033

Dustin Biggs
Marketing Associate, ext. 039

Kim Duplisea
Project Manager, ext. 057

Dominic Eramo
Project Manager, ext. 067

Creative Services

Alex Brokordt
Designer, ext. 066

Ian Talmage
Designer, ext. 026

Katy Bouchard
Designer, ext. 025


Todd Tolhurst
Director of Development, ext. 027

Tony Brodie
Developer, ext. 064

Elizabeth Dyer
Developer, ext. 031

Joe Grace
Developer, ext. 061

Shawna Searles
Developer, ext. 060

Noli Santos, Jr.
Systems Administrator, ext. 030

Sarah Vincent
Developer, ext. 023