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Project Prioritization

An important role of the InforME Board is to assist in prioritization of eGovernment application projects, to ensure that InforME's resources are being used in a way that furthers its core mission. The project prioritization process informs the Board about the purpose, benefits, and resource requirements of each project before the application development begins.

For any new eGovernment project requested by an agency under the transaction-based fee structure, InforME presents to the Board an overview of the application as well as a completed project prioritization worksheet. The worksheet consists of ratings for the project's value and its resource requirements, and an overall priority rating. The Board has an opportunity to discuss any concerns about the project, including recommended changes to the priority rating.

Project priority ratings are determined by evaluating both value and resource determinants. The Value rating is defined by the public and agency benefit of the application and the level of importance of the project. The Resources rating is defined by the required resources and the desired timeframe for completion.

The Value Determinants are:

  • State requirement rating: required by statute, Executive Order, etc.
  • PR/Portal promotion rating
  • Customer Demand/Benefit
  • Agency Benefit
  • Portal Benefit
  • Statewide Benefit

The Resource Determinants are:

  • Level of resource requirements
  • Scope of project
  • Variation from existing portal projects/technology
  • Time Urgency

Agencies that do not agree with the initial priority rating as approved by the Board have the opportunity to make an appeal to the Board upon request.

Project Prioritization Questionnaire (RTF)