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Maine PayPort Service Details

How does Maine PayPort work?

Maine PayPort requires that you login to a web-based interface with the login credentials provided to you by InforME or your municipal PayPort administrator.  That login information will tell InforME’s payment engine which municipal office is processing payments and where to send money for those successful payments.  After successful login, you will click on the tab associated with the task you are looking to complete, whether that includes processing credits or payments, downloading reports, or updating, adding or deleting users or items. 


Once the user has been read the disclosure statement and has agreed to the payment amount, the user will be asked to provide payment information directly to your clerk.  Your clerk will type that payment information into Maine PayPort’s payment window.  Upon submitting the payment, Maine PayPort will communicate in real-time with the secure payment engine to receive a real-time authorization on the payment amount.  Neither’s payment engine nor Maine PayPort holds credit card information beyond the transaction session.

Receipt and Confirmation

Once the payment has been authorized, Maine PayPort will provide a receipt and confirmation page detailing the transaction. This will automatically be formatted into a printer-friendly version which can be given to the customer following payment.

Payment Distribution

Maine PayPort distributes the payment amounts collected for your municipality and deposits those funds directly into the bank account your municipal office has indicated.  Maine PayPort automatically separates the fees paid to your municipality from the processing fees and electronically deposits the appropriate amount of money into your account on a daily basis.