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Rapid Renewal Service Details

How Does the Rapid Renewal Service work?

The Rapid Renewal Service is designed to be a seamless web transaction for citizens who renew their vehicle registrations online. Behind the scenes the Rapid Renewal Service is a complex system that simultaneously checks data held by the State of Maine and data that is supplied to the system by your municipality. Without the data supplied from your municipality, a vehicle cannot be registered online. Rapid Renewal relies on the municipal Motor Vehicle Registration data, especially the excise tax information that your municipality provides to the system each month. The following description explains how the Rapid Renewal Service works both on the user’s scenes and behind the screens.

Locating the Record

The first step for the citizen is to identify the user’s vehicle from the from the 1.4 million records in the Bureau of Motor Vehicle database and the Motor Vehicle Records uploaded to the Rapid Renewal Service site by a member of your staff. To identify the vehicle, RRS asks for the following pieces of information from the user:

  • Plate Number and Class Code: The first piece of information that the user supplies is the unique plate number and class code. (All class codes are accepted.)
  • Control Number: On each registration there is a unique control number that the user is prompted to enter.
  • Registrant and Joint Registrant Names: Users must supply the registrant name(s) exactly as it appears on the registration. This includes punctuation and the order of the names.

Change of Address

A citizen can easily update a registration record with change of address information for address changes within the same town.

Mail To

The Rapid Renewal Service provides the option of either mailing the renewed registration to the address printed on their registration or to another address.

Collecting Insurance Information

Once a vehicle has been located in the system and the user has confirmed that the full registration record is correct, the user is asked to supply insurance information. Users select their insurance carrier from the list of registered insurance providers in the State of Maine.

Mileage Information

The user is asked to provide mileage information and the Rapid Renewal Service does a check to ensure that the mileage is greater than the mileage reported last year.

Paying the Excise Tax

The user is presented with a page listing the various fees including excise tax amount, registration fee and agent fee. The excise tax amount is taken directly from the data supplied by the municipality.


Once the user has agreed to pay the Excise Tax and Fees, the user will be asked to provide payment information. Each municipality chooses what payment types to offer- Credit Card and/or E-Checks. Please note that you do not have to offer credit cards in other areas of your municipal business to be offering credit cards on line. The Rapid Renewal Service does not hold credit card or e-check information beyond the transaction session.


Once the payment has been authorized, the Rapid Renewal Service provides the user with a confirmation page detailing the transaction.

E-mail reminder

On the last page of the application the user is given the option to have an e-mail reminder sent to them when their registration is due the following year. The e-mail reminders are automatically sent out by the Rapid Renewal Service.

Mailing the decals and registrations

At the close of the registration session the user will be prompted to print a temporary registration that is valid for 7 days. Each day the Bureau of Motor Vehicles receives a batch of registrations processed by the Rapid Renewal Service. New registrations are printed, paired with a decal and mailed to the citizen at the address that they indicated. The Bureau of Motor Vehicle mails the official registration and decals within 4-7 days to ensure that the citizen receives their registration in a timely manner.

Payment Distribution

The Rapid Renewal Service distributes the excise tax amounts collected for your municipality and deposits those funds directly into the account that your municipal office has indicated. All registration funds and agent fees are separated from the excise tax and those funds are deposited into the appropriate accounts. The distribution of funds makes Rapid Renewal a truly unique service. To the best of our knowledge, Rapid Renewal represents the first online inter- governmental transaction in the country!

The Rapid Renewal Administrative Site

Every participating municipality is provided with an administrative site. The Rapid Renewal Administrative site is a password protected site that will enable you to:

  • Upload files to the Rapid Renewal Service
  • Download registration and financial files for registrations that have been completed online
  • View audit reports sent by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Change or verify excise tax information if necessary