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Project Process

InforME follows a standard project process for all eGovernment application development projects. This ensures that the project moves smoothly from start to finish and that everyone knows what to expect.

Project Inception

  • Contact made between InforME and agency.
  • InforME assigns project manager to work with agency.
  • Initial discussion meeting to explore viability of partnership and discuss project goals.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis

  • InforME project manager works with agency to understand project requirements and scope of work.
  • InforME project manager develops Statement of Work, which is approved by the agency.
  • InforME project manager prepares Project Prioritization for review by the InforME Board.
  • InforME Board reviews project prioritization to either continue or discontinue project, and if continue to rank the service priority for the InforME project queue. *Should the agency not agree with the priority assigned by the Board, the agency may request to be added to the next Board meeting agenda to make a case for a change in priority.
  • The General Manager and project manager negotiate transaction fees or other funding model, and prepare the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Agency approves and executes SLA. SLA forwarded to OIT for approval and execution.
  • SLA presented to InforME Board for approval.
  • Agency forms their internal project team; InforME assigns developer to the project.
  • InforME project manager works with agency project team to develop the System Specifications, a document that defines the user interface, business rules/logic, and functionality of the application.
  • Agency reviews and approves System Specifications.

User Interface Design

  • InforME project manager and Creative Services Team develop user interface flow and storyboards.
  • Creative Services Team designs and develops HTML user interface prototype pages based on System Specifications.
  • Agency team reviews prototype.
  • Prototype reviewed by user group (if appropriate).
  • Prototype is revised as necessary.
  • Agency reviews and signs off on prototype.
  • Project moves into Development phase.


  • Data connection established.
  • Development team programs functionality, payment functionality, reporting functionality, etc., according to System Specifications.
  • InforME project manager creates Test Plan.
  • Project manager works with agency team to create Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing materials designed by Creative Services Team (if applicable).


  • Application is tested thoroughly by InforME team according to Test Plan, including:
    • functionality testing against Specifications
    • testing of payment processing
    • quality assurance testing
    • usability review
    • accessibility testing
    • security audit
  • Review and testing by agency team.
  • Revisions made as necessary, additional testing of all changes.
  • User acceptance testing and beta testing is performed. (if appropriate)


  • Agency signs off on final version of application.
  • Application is made live on the Internet.


  • Marketing plan is implemented.
  • Application maintenance and monitoring continue.
  • Customer service begins.
  • Adoption rates are monitored. Adjustments made to marketing plans if necessary.