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Building Your Project Team

An important step in getting started with an eGovernment project is to create your project team. We've defined some of the critical roles below.

Agency Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor is the “champion” of the online project and should be at the executive level in the department/agency. S/he provides his/her signature of approval and signs off on the project. The Project Sponsor insures that the application is being completed in a timely manner and has the ability to allocate department resources for the project. S/he has the authority and ability to approve documents, business process decisions and funding resources.

Agency Project Manager

Where the Project Sponsor leaves off, the Project Manager takes over. The Project Manager is the person to get things done. S/he monitors progress, assists in setting up meetings and acts as the key contact on the project with InforME. S/he must have the ability to make business process decisions or the ability to get the answers needed.

The Project Manager should be an individual with a solid understanding of the business rules and practices associated with placing the business process online. An understanding of technical issues is helpful, but not necessary.

Agency Project Technical Lead

The Project Technical Lead provides technical guidance to the project. The Technical Lead plays a predominant role during the Analysis and Testing phase of the project. They also may lend assistance with the high level technical information required. The Project Technical Lead will work directly with the InforME Project Manager and the InforME Director of Development.

The Project Technical Lead should be an individual with a solid understanding of the technical backbone of the business application to be placed online.

Agency Customer Relations Staff

The customer relations staff in your agency may provide helpful input during the project. They are on the "front lines" of your agency, often having the most direct interaction with your customers. Their input is critical in developing FAQs, since they receive the questions on a daily basis. They may have insight into your customer population that can be helpful during the user interface design phase. Also, they can help drive adoption to your new service by making counter and phone customers aware that the service is now available online. They can even walk wary customers through an online service the first time to increase the user's comfort level.

InforME Project Team

InforME's team for your project typically will include a designated Project Manager, a Developer, and the Creative Services staff, who will work together to complete the application. The InforME Project Manager will be your primary contact person, and will work with you to prepare the System Specifications and user interface design to present to the Project Sponsor for approval. This individual will see that your team is kept abreast of the progress of the project and will guide your team through the project stages of Discussion, Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Production.

The InforME Project Manager has the ability to request the necessary InforME resources to insure that the project is completed within the agreed upon timeframes.