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Adoption Rates

What Are Adoption Rates?

Adoption rates measure the usage of online services. An adoption rate is calculated by taking the total number of transactions processed through all delivery channels (by phone, web, mail, and at the counter), compared to the number processed via the online service, during the same period of time. The percentage completed online is the adoption rate for the service. For example, if you processed a total of 100 transactions in one month and 10 of those transactions were processed through your web application, the adoption rate for that month is 10%.

Adoption Rate Wizard

InforME measures adoption rates for our eGov applications using our Adoption Rate Wizard, an online application that tracks eGov service usage and adoption. We can view the number of transactions by week or month for a specific service, and see the adoption of that service through numbers and graphs. The total number of transactions is extracted by either a direct connection to an agency backend system or through a secure administrative site in which the agency provides the totals on a weekly or monthly basis. The Adoption Rate Wizard then compares this total with the number of transactions processed through the Web. All transaction and adoption rates are archived, so growth can be tracked due to promotional efforts, brand recognition, eGov trends, etc.

InforME’s Adoption Rates Top Five

  • UCC Search 99%
  • Interactive Corporate Services 98%
  • Public Criminal Records Search 90%
  • Nursing License Renewal 81%
  • Crash Report Service 80%

For more information about adoption rates of InforME services, or the Adoption Rate Wizard, please contact an InforME marketing team member.

How To Drive Adoption Rates

Involve your PR person (if you have one) and create a marketing plan for your new electronic service. A marketing plan should consist of a press release announcing the new service, articles and/or ads in trade publications read by your customers, posters, brochures, mailings, and could involve a press event where a high profile official uses the new service on camera.

Low Budget
Use cost-effective methods for notifying your current and potential customers about your new online service. How do you currently communicate with your customers? Use those same methods for promoting the service. Writing articles and submitting them to newspapers and other publications or speaking at an association event is essentially free advertising! You don’t need to reprint all of your brochures or publications at the launch of a new service. Just remember to include information about your new service when the time comes to reorder.

Pay Attention
Don’t launch the service and then forget about it. Track the adoption rate (percentage of your customers using the online service vs. traditional methods). Tracking adoption is important to ensure that your eGovernment service is working and meets customer expectations.

Get Feedback
Offer a feedback survey connected to each service to allow your customers an opportunity to let you know their opinion of your service and its functionality.