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Maine's official state website has been enhanced each year. The images below show the progression of the Maine state website from a simple collection of links into a sophisticated, citizen-oriented portal to Maine government. The award-winning portal continues to expand and evolve to incorporate new technology and to meet the needs of citizens and businesses interacting with government online.

2000 Portal

In 1999, Maine's official state website was a single page containing a collection of links. After InforME was created, we designed the first State of Maine web "portal" in early 2000. That portal was recognized by the Center for Digital Government with an Honorable Mention (4th Place) award in the Best of the Web competition for state government websites. It was a fairly simple portal, but it began the transition to a citizen-oriented gateway. It featured new online transaction and e-commerce services.

2000 Home Page
State of Maine Home Page - Summer 2000

2001 Portal

The State portal was again redesigned in 2001. The 2001 portal was recognized as the third place winner in the annual Best of the Web competition. Online services had expanded significantly, navigation was improved, and more information was added to the home page, such as an Agency Index, "Ask a Librarian", e-postcards, and featured sites.

2001 Home Page
State of Maine Home Page - Summer 2001

2002 Portal

In 2002, the State web portal was re-branded as "", including a new logo and the current address of Along with the new name came a new design, expanded navigation and content, and features such as "How Do I...?", My, Maine history stories, and the seasonal photo contest. The 2002 portal was named a third place winner in the annual Best of the Web competition.

2002 Home Page
State of Maine Home Page - Summer 2002

2003 Portal

In 2003, incorporated new technology to provide more dynamic content, such as weather conditions, current news headlines, and Live Help. It also showcased more online services, customized "start pages", Maine facts, and the Citizen Alert System. The 2003 portal was named Second Place winner in the annual Best of the Web competition.

2003 Home Page
State of Maine Home Page - Summer 2003

2004 Portal

In 2004, the portal was completely redesigned and rebuilt, using XHTML, CSS, and custom software for dynamic content. The portal's design and code meets strict state, industry, and Federal standards for accessibility to the disabled. Portal content was greatly expanded to assist in navigation of state and local information. New features in the portal included an eDemocracy portal and a Local Government portal with information about every county and municipality in Maine. The 2004 portal was named the best state government portal in the nation by the Center for Digital Government (1st Place Winner, Best of the Web).

2004 Home Page
State of Maine Home Page - Summer 2004

2006 Portal

In 2006, was completely rebuilt with an updated design and CSS layout, as well as many feature enhancements. New features included RSS feeds and a mobile version of the portal. The customized page feature (My and email notifications were rebuilt and updated, as was the ePostcards service. Online services were made easier to locate with new search and viewing options in the Online Services Directory.