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InforME designs and manages the State of Maine's official website,

The portal provides a citizen-focused gateway to Maine government information, bringing together information and services from across state and local government agencies into a centralized user-friendly format. Information in the portal is organized by topics and tasks rather than by bureaucratic structure. Dynamic, frequently updated content keeps the site useful and encourages repeat visits.

Site visitors may choose from a variety of methods for navigating, including broad topics such as "Business" and "Travel & Recreation ", special features such as Local Government or eDemocracy, or the search engine. Help is provided to site visitors through Live Help, the Help Center, "How Do I...?" feature, and "Ask a Librarian" feature.

Feature Highlights:

  • Online Services Directory
    More than 300 online services allowing citizens to conduct transactions with government electronically. Find out what you can do online!
  • Help Desk & Live Online Help
  • Search Engine
  • Government in Maine
    Learn, stay informed, and participate in your government. Includes election and voting information.
  • Local Government Portal
    Every Maine county and municipality has a page on
  • State Government News is the centralized resource for state government news. Sign up to receive news via email or subscribe to the RSS feed.
  • State Government Public Meeting Calendar is the centralized resource for upcoming public meetings. Sign up to receive a weekly meeting schedule, or use the RSS feed.
  • Citizen Alert System is your resource for emergency information. Sign up for email notifications or subscribe to an RSS feed.
  • Mobile Version uses a responsive design to offer quick access to information on web-enabled mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.
  • Maine History Stories Told by Mainers
    Learn about Maine history from those who lived it - or submit your own story.

Best of the WebAwards was ranked the best state government portal in the nation in 2004 by the Center for Digital Government, and has been ranked among the top four state portals nearly every year since 2000. View more awards

Design Standards

InforME uses industry standard coding practices and is committed to usability and accessibility for all site visitors, including those with disabilities. Read about our Design Standards.