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InforME Subscriber Newsletter 4th Quarter, 2001
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Driver Cross-Check


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What is InforME?
InforME is online access to Maine government! InforME was established by the Maine Legislature in 1998 as a resource for providing state government services and information over the Internet.
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What is my Account Management Tool?
As an InforME subscriber, you have online access to records concerning your use of the InforME services through your Account Management Tool.
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What are my billing options?
As an InforME subscriber, you have several monthly billing options to pay for the services you use each month. We mail you a paper invoice, automatically debit your bank account, or automatically charge your credit card. You decide which option is right for you.
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How can I use Client ID Numbers?
Client ID numbers are unique numbers or names that you create that help you organize and track your account activity by client.
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Highlighted Websites / Online Services:

Maine Foliage: Online Leafcam

Bureau of Parks and Lands

RemindME: Create personal email reminders!

Professional License Renewal and Application

Baxter State Park

Women, Infants, and Children Program

BOW 2001 Maine Wins!
The State of Maine wins third place Best of the Web for 2001 and ranked #2 in the nation for eCommerce by the Center for Digital Government

Interactive Corporate Services
Search online to obtain information about all business & non-profit corporations
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Driver crosscheck

Driver Cross-Check Online!
Automatically receive notification about changes in the driver records of your employees!
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UCC Search now available online!
Search UCC lien filings over the Internet and print certified search results!
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