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Subscription Services & Fees

InforME is an invaluable source for government information and services. A subscription account through InforME will provide you access to the following services:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Important information regarding the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

  • Driver’s License Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for driver record information by license number or name and date of birth. (Includes commercial license information.)
    $7.00 per record.
  • Title Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for title information by VIN number or title number.
    $5.50 per record.
  • Registration Records
    Search the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles database for vehicle registration information by name and date or birth or plate number.
    $5.00 per record
  • Driver Cross Check | Try a Demo of Driver Cross Check Service
    Automatically receive notification about changes in the driving records of your employees.
    View a demonstration
    $15.00 to check 10 drivers; $1.00 each additional driver.
  • Over Limit Permits
    Online application that gives you the ability to apply for Over Limit Permits from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Applications are subject to review by the BMV. Permits that may be obtained through this application are as follows: Single trips only within the State of Maine and Non-divisible loads.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Notification
    Online application that gives financial institutions the ability to receive email notification when a vehicle has been abandoned for which you hold a lien. This service will allow financial institutions to provide one or more email addresses to receive notifications. Email notification will be sent when the BMV adds the abandoned vehicle to the system.
    No additional fee to use this service.

Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions

Interactive Corporate Services

Search the database of corporate filings. Basic corporate information is available free of charge. Copies of original filings, including articles of incorporation, annual reports, etc., as well as certificates of existence. All copies may be certified.

  • Corporate Information Summary: Fee with option to certify ($5.00 to certify)
  • Filed documents: $3.00 per record; $5.00 additional to certify
  • List of Filings: No fee to obtain list
  • Additional Addresses: No fee to obtain list
  • Certificate of Existence: $30.00 short form; $30 long form with amendments
  • Change of Address: $35.00
  • Clerk or Registered Agent Search: Free, Subscriber access only
  • Late Filing Penalty Payments: $25.00 Non-Profit Corporations, $50.00 For-Profit, Domestic & Foreign Corporations

UCC Online – The Total UCC Solution

Search the database of Uniform Commercial Code filings, retrieve reports of filings and images of original documents, or file online. Certified copies are available. Includes special features available only to subscribers.

  • UCC Searches
    • $12 per search; $5.00 additional to certify
      UCC Filings
    • UCC1: Original Financing Statement: $10.00 per statement; $30 if filed in connection with a Public-Finance Transaction; $20 if filed in connection with a Manufactured-Home Transaction
    • UCC3: Amendment Statement: $10.00 per continuation or termination amendment
    • Correction Statement: $10.00 per statement

Annual Reports Online

Businesses and non-profit corporations can file their annual reports online. No longer is it necessary to complete and mail in a paper form. A simple step-by-step process completed online and the report is automatically filed with the State. Includes special features available only to subscribers.

    • Nonprofit Corporations:
           $35 filing fee
           $25 late filing penalty
    • Domestic Corporations, LPs, LLCs, LLPs:
           $85 filing fee
           $50 late filing penalty
    • Foreign Corporations, LPs, LLCs, LLPs:
           $150 filing fee
           $50 late filing penalty

Designation of Trustee Process

Financial institutions and credit unions can file an initial or renewed designation. This service also includes a free search to obtain designated officer information. $25.00 per filing; free to search

Commercial Clerk and Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) Online Listing Management Service

This online service allows clerks and registered agents for Maine registered business entities and nonprofit corporations to create a listing as a commercial clerk or a commercial registered agent (CRA) with the Maine Secretary of State's Office. Additionally, once listed as a commercial clerk or commercial registered agent, a CRA can maintain the data associated with its listing and manage the relationships to its represented entities.

CEC Bulk Services

  • Corporate Bulk Database: $1,200 –all; $600 monthly download; $300 weekly download
  • UCC Bulk Database: $1,200 –all; $1,500 –images; $600 monthly download; $300 weekly download; $500 weekly images
  • Trade Mark and Service Mark Bulk Database: $300 monthly download

Please call 877-212-6500 or email to request any CEC Bulk Database services.

Bureau of Identification

  • Public Criminal Record Request
    Online request for criminal history information based on subject’s name and date of birth. Most search results will be returned via email within two hours. If your search results are not returned within twelve hours, then your inquiry may be one that requires manual intervention. Search results for inquiries that require manual intervention may be delayed for up to twelve weeks. Some government agencies are eligible to obtain these records at no charge.
    • Maine State Subscribers: $21.00 per record
    • Out-of State Subscribers: $31.00 per record
    • Single Credit Card Use: $31.00 per record
  • One Stop Background Check
    A complete and official state background check is now available in a single, combined report. This online service allows you to order a combined report on an individual in one easy transaction, including checks of several state sources. Using this service ensures the data you receive will be accurate and up-to-date, as it comes directly from the latest official data of the Maine State Bureau of Identification and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Maine State Police

  • Crash Reporting Online Search and Ordering Service | Try a Demo of the Crash Reporting Service
    Search for and request crash reports from the Maine State Police database. Search by name, date of birth, crash location, crash date, or investigating agency (police department).
    $10.00 per crash report; free search
  • Crash Reporting Bulk Service
    Receive the entire state of Maine crash report database on a monthly basis. You may select any or all years from 2001- 2004.
    $.50 per record
  • Crash Tracker
    Receive automatic notification by email when a specific crash has been entered into the crash report database. Free notification service.