Laws and Rules on Unemployment Eligibility

In most administrative hearings, the hearing officer will determine if a claimant is eligible for unemployment benefits under Title 26:

Conditions of Eligibility
There are several conditions under which persons may be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you are unsure of whether you fall into this category, please click on the above link and read the qualifications.

Terms for Disqualification of Benefits
Even if they are eligible according to the criteria in Section 1192 (above), an individual can be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits for several reasons. For a complete list of these reasons, click on the link above.

Extending Benefits
There are also provisions for, if absolutely needed, extending your unemployment benefits once they run out. The above section of Title 26 describes the circumstances allowed in order to receive an extension on benefits.

Employer Payments of Unemployment Benefits
Here you can find information on employer contributions and payments to the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation. Also included is information on how these rates are computed according to the experience rating record of the employer.