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Naming Your Skills

You have unique skills and talents to offer an employer. Here are some action words that you can use to describe your skills. They can help you improve your skills statements in your résumé or on interviews.

Managing Communicating Researching
Plan Persuade Clarify
Organize Direct Survey
Execute Lead Interview
Supervise Reason Investigate
Schedule Sell Inspect
Assign Develop Gather
Direct Recruit Synthesize
Coordinate Create Examine
Analyze Negotiate Diagnose
Prioritize Arbitrate Review
Delegate Arrange Organize
Hire Mediate Evaluate
Fire Merge Critique
Recommend Obtain Collect
Evaluate Write Write
Administer Interpret Interpret
Contract Enlist Extrapolate
Produce Motivate Isolate
Control Manipulate Decide
Review Read Analyze
Troubleshoot Speak Define
Recognize problems Influence Develop

Financial Physical Helping
Keep books Setup Refer
Account Feed Render
Audit Cut Attend
Appraise Bind Care
Research Drive Empathize
Analyze Move Listen
Record Lift Speak
Allocate Bend Direct
Administer Pull Perceive
Develop Ship Understand
Calculate Operate Relate
Compute Tend Guide

Creating Teaching Using Details
Create Brief Reconcile
Imagine Inform Execute
Design Encourage Dispatch
Plan Communicate Respond
Conceptualize Advise Enforce
Synthesize Guide Meet deadlines
Integrate Coach Arrange
Abstract Instruct Schedule
Generate Explain Memorize
Perceive Enlighten Collect
Memorize Stimulate Compile
Discriminate Invent Systemize
Visualize Adapt Tabulate
Empathize Facilitate Compare
Fashion Coordinate Inspect
Shape Develop Organize
Write Enable Classify
Direct Clarify Collate
Imagine Value Copy
Paint Set Goals Retrieve
Perform Decide Process
Act Initiate File