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Unemployment Fraud is a Criminal Offense

Unemployment benefits are intended as temporary assistance to unemployed or underemployed persons.The information provided in your claim is used to determine eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Providing false information or failing to provide requested information to obtain benefits is a criminal offense which may result in an overpayment and prosecution.

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Initial/Reopen Unemployment Claims:

This option is used to file a new claim for benefits or reopen an existing claim. Use this option if:

  • You have not filed for unemployment benefits before.
  • You have filed before but your claim is not active. If you have not filed a weekly claim for benefits in the past two weeks, you should use this option to reopen your claim.

File a new claim or re-open an existing claim

Weekly Unemployment Claims:

This option is used to file weekly claims for benefits. Use this option if you are currently filing weekly claims. Your claim is considered current if you have filed a weekly claim in the past two weeks.

File a weekly claim