What to do if your unemployment is running out

If you run out of unemployment benefits before you find your next job, there are other resources that can help you and your family get through a difficult time.

Check with Unemployment First

The first thing you should do is verify that there are no unemployment benefits available to you through a new benefit year or unemployment extension. Call the unemployment claims center and ask them to check and see if you have any benefits left.

Use the Maine Benefits Checklist

Find State and Federal programs to help laid-off and low income workers. The Maine Benefits Checklist is a guide from Pine Tree Legal Services that can help you understand the programs that are available and how you can apply. View the Maine Benefits Checklist online here.

Jumpstart your Job Search at the CareerCenter

The CareerCenter can help you find a job or access training. Use free computers in their information center or take part in a workshop. All CareerCenter services are offered at no charge.