Maine Automated Payment (MAP) Card

The Maine Automated Payment (MAP) Card is a prepaid debit card that can be used at ATMs, financial institutions and anywhere that the Visa logo is displayed. There is no annual fee for the card, but fees will be assessed for certain transactions. Please see below to learn how you can use your MAP Card without any fees.

If you would prefer to have your unemployment benefits deposited to your savings or checking account, you can also sign up for direct deposit.

How will I get my MAP Card?

A MAP Card will be sent to you when you complete an application for benefits. If you are re-activating a previous claim and don't already have a card, you'll be sent one at that time. Creating and mailing your MAP Card will take about seven business days. JP Morgan Chase will send the card directly to you. The card will arrive in a plain, white, unmarked envelope. Please watch for it, and carefully go through your "junk" mail so that it is not accidentally thrown away.

Am I required to get a MAP Card?

Yes. Everyone who applies for unemployment benefits will receive a MAP Card, even if you have also signed up for direct deposit. This is so that we can get a payment to you as quickly as possible in the event that a deposit is returned by your financial institution. Please store your MAP Card in a secure location.

What does the MAP Card cost?

The MAP Card is free, but fees and surcharges apply to certain transactions and services. In general:

  • You get one free withdrawal from Key Bank, Allpoint or Chase ATMs each time you receive a benefit payment.
  • Withdrawals or transfers made with a teller are free at any VISA member financial institution.
  • Retail purchases with signature ("credit" option) are free, but purchases using your PIN ("debit" option) are $0.25 each.
  • Click here for the full MAP Card fee schedule.

Additional Information About the MAP Card

Click here for more information, such as: activating your card, transferring money to your bank account, balance inquiries, and PINs.