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SOII (Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses)


Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cooperative data collection program, run by Fed BLS. Administered by State Bureau of Labor Standards. Based on OSHA recordkeeping.

State rate benchmarked over time; taking hours worked and employment into account. Good for comparison between industries and size class.

Confidential. Sample-based with estimated error on the rates.

CFOI (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries)


Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cooperative Fed BLS-State BLS program. Summary of fatalities in state, comparable to other states.

Tracks deaths and how they happened (based on others’ investigations.) Aggregation across states more likely to detect patterns and produce solutions.

Confidential. Sparse data in Maine. Excludes fatalities due to disease.

FACE (Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation)


National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Using their standards and our funding we are participating in this program. Lists details and causes of certain fatalities. Outputs bulletins aimed at prevention.

Fatality prevention. Uses data from other states and local investigations. Results in bulletins distributed to high-risk workers to alert them to dangers and forestall like events.

Sparse data in Maine but better combined with other states. Includes only targeted deaths changed each year.

CCC (Census of Case Characteristics)


Maine Bureau of Labor Standards

Coding for each disabling WC case for nature of injury or illness, part of body, source, and type. Also employer Industry and worker’s Occupation.

Most comprehensive and complete data source. Prioritization by number / cost / duration in categories. Assessment by nature, body part, source and type. Integrated with WCB data.

Cost data not integral to the claims data. Missing some duration data. Possibly misclassifying low-duration cases. Gaps in Fishing, Agriculture, alternatively employed.

WC Database


Maine Workers’ Compensation Board, integrated with pieces from the Maine Bureau of Labor Standards

Administrative database including worker and incident characteristics, links to employer, dates, and verbal details of cases.

Provides details and timing of case events with largest group of individual cases, regardless of insurance type. Is the central repository of WC case data. Integrated with CCC data.

Employee identifiers confidential. Administrative data and processing--not easily adapted to statistical purposes. Likely some misclassification on low-duration cases. Multiple reporting processes. External alternatives not caught such as UI. Gaps in Fishing, Agriculture, alternatively employed.



Maine Labor Market Information Services

Wages and employment for each employer by site.

Provides denominator data for wages and employment in the aggregates for Industry and size class. Identifies size class.

Confidential. Gaps in Fishing, Agriculture, and alternatively employed..

MeBLS “Gen II”


Maine Bureau of Labor Standards

Private-sector safety consultation services provided by MeBLS. Minor work permits issued. Public sector inspections.

Includes services provided, exposures, best practices, and dates linked to DOL data.

Confidential unless aggregated. Lacks 21-D (Federal OSHA-funded) services and results.

MeBLS Data Warehouse


Maine Bureau of labor Standards

Database specifically for the collection of data in one database specifically for statistics. Includes portions of most of the databases above.

Potentially powerful tool. Greatly underdeveloped and underutilized. Would like to make aggregates public and/or incorporate Virtual Private Database security at insurer and employer levels.

Includes confidential data. Lacks programming to organize data around confidentiality. Lack of secure Employer logon system for VPDB.

Maine Toxics List


Maine Department of Environmental Protection

400 facilities and their toxic releases, use, and waste.


Inventory of toxics and potential exposure sites.


Maine Cancer Registry


Maine Cancer Registry

Diagnosed cancers registered with patient name and address and type of cancer.

Collaborative studies. Universe of cancer patients..


No variable for work-relatedness.

Occupational Poison Exposures


Northern New England Poison Center

Demographic data and type of poisoning. Management site.

Collaborative studies. Poisonings reported including work-related.


Occupational Disease Reporting Program


Maine Bureau of Public Health

Doctors’ are required to report  certain occupational illness diagnoses to the Bureau of Public Health.

Collaborative studies. One of few sources relying on specific diagnoses.

Confidential. Lacks work-relatedness indicator. Comparison to WC indicates an under-reporting problem.

MEMIC Aggregate


Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company

Proprietary data for those insured with MEMIC

Collaborative studies.

Proprietary. Data is collected only for those insured by MEMIC.

Maine Health Information Center (MHIC)

Specialized data collection projects for specific clients including MEMIC and the Maine Self-Insured Guarantee Authority

Collaborative studies.

Proprietary. Data is collected only for clients cases.



National Council of Compensation Insurers

Range of data and coding based on samples of certain classes of cases.

Collaborative studies.

Proprietary. Data is collected only for insured portion of the market. Sampled data (40-50%).



Workers Compensation Research Institute

Specified research projects with data from NCCI and supplemented from other sources as needed.

Collaborative studies.

Proprietary. Mostly large states data. Not a source for details but could do research if approved by committee.










Maine Toxics List:

Maine Cancer Registry:

Maine Bureau of Public Health:


Maine Health Information Center: