Incumbents Who Apparently Lost

From Heather J.R. Priest, Clerk of the House
and Shawn Roderick, Assistant Clerk of the House

Last Posted 11/9/12 - 5:30 p.m.


This list has been compiled from a number of sources and represents the most complete and accurate information we could find.
The results are unofficial until they can be checked against the official list from the Office of the Secretary of State.


John L. Martin (D-Eagle Lake) - District 1


Bruce A. Bickford (R-Auburn) - District 70
Douglas K. Damon (R-Bangor) - District 16
Karen D. Foster (R-Augusta) - District 58
R. Ryan Harmon (R-Palermo) - District 45
Jane S. Knapp (R-Gorham) - District 129
Susan E. Morissette (R-Winslow) - District 54
Bradley S. Moulton (R-York) - District 149
Beth A. O'Connor (R-Berwick) - District 145
Kimberly N. Olsen (R-Phippsburg) - District 64
James W. Parker (R-Veazie) - District 18
John J. Picchiotti (R-Fairfield) - District 84
Michael J. Willette (R-Presque Isle) - District 5

Tribal Representatives

David Slagger (Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians) was unsuccessful in the race for District 22

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