Candidates who Withdrew before the Primary and
Authorized Replacements

From Heather J.R. Priest, Clerk of the House

Last Updated 6/5/12

Code: D - Democrat, G - Green Independent, R - Republican

Democratic, Republican and Green Independent Party candidates who withdrew before 5 pm on Friday, April 13, 2012, were eligible for replacement if they were the only candidate from their party on the ballot in that district.

District 33 - Alfred D. Moore, Jr. (R-Milbridge) 378 Back Bay Road, Milbridge 04658
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 46 - William Stuart Maddox (R-Rockport) P. O. Box 717, Rockport 04856
(Withdrew; replaced by Carole A. Gartley (R-Rockport) 133 Warrenton Street, Rockport 04856)

District 101 - P. Kelley Simpson (D-Casco) 20 Heath Road, Casco 04015
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 107 - Dennis W. Welsh (D-Yarmouth) 119 Princes Point Road, Yarmouth 04096
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 108 - Michael J. Timmons (R-Cumberland) 140 Bruce Hill Road, Cumberland 04021
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 113 - Bruce Sterling Micucci (R-Portland) 43 Northwood Drive, Portland 04103
(Withdrew; replaced by Porter Leighton (R-Falmouth) 9 Falmouth Road, Falmouth 04105)

District 132 - Peter Truman (D-Old Orchard Beach) 133 Portland Avenue #23, Old Orchard Beach 04064
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 138 - William A. Hayes (R-Shapleigh) 28 Gate House Road, Shapleigh 04076
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)