Candidates who Withdrew before the Primary and
Authorized Replacements

From Millicent M. MacFarland, Clerk of the House

Last Updated 5/16/14

Code: D - Democrat, G - Green Independent, R - Republican

Democratic, Republican and Green Independent Party candidates who withdrew before 5 pm on Friday, April 11, 2014, would have been eligible for replacement if they were the only candidate from their party on the ballot in that district.

District 17 - Aaron F. Libby (R-Waterboro) P. O. Box 343, North Waterboro 04061
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 33 - Timothy Gregory Smith (D-South Portland) 22 Fillmore Avenue, South Portland 04106
(Withdrew less than 60 days before the election so his name will remain on the ballot; can not be replaced)

District 79 - Helen M. Hanson (D-China) P. O. Box 203, China 04358
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 90 - Henry B. Simmons (R-Nobleboro) 90 East Neck Road, Nobleboro 04555
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 146 - Jacqueline Ann Lundeen (D-Mars Hill) 517 West Ridge Road, Mars Hill 04758
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)

District 148 - Donald Warren Robertson (R-Limestone) 34 Main Street, Apt. 2, Limestone 04750
(Withdrew; can not be replaced)