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The Maine House of Representatives

Roll Call Voting Percentages
for the 126th Legislature
First Regular Session

(December 5, 2012 - July 10, 2013)

Roll Call Percentages in Excel Format

Ayotte of Caswell92.8%
Beaudoin of Biddeford25.0%
Beaulieu of Auburn95.6%
Beavers of South Berwick98.9%
Beck of Waterville84.4%
Bennett of Kennebunk96.7%
Berry of Bowdoinham95.6%
Black of Wilton94.5%
Boland of Sanford87.5%
Bolduc of Auburn58.6%
Briggs of Mexico95.6%
Brooks of Winterport98.2%
Campbell, J. of Newfield96.7%
Campbell, R. of Orrington84.0%
Carey of Lewiston90.1%
Casavant of Biddeford96.1%
Cassidy of Machias95.8%
Chapman of Brooksville99.8%
Chase of Wells90.8%
Chenette of Saco99.6%
Chipman of Portland99.6%
Clark of Easton92.3%
Cooper of Yarmouth99.8%
Cotta of China91.9%
Crafts of Lisbon96.7%
Cray of Palmyra96.5%
Crockett of Bethel85.7%
Daughtry of Brunswick98.5%
Davis of Sangerville96.3%
DeChant of Bath94.7%
Devin of Newcastle91.2%
Dickerson of Rockland91.7%
Dill of Old Town99.8%
Dion of Portland83.1%
Doak of Columbia Falls82.9%
Dorney of Norridgewock98.7%
Dunphy of Embden98.2%
Duprey of Hampden95.4%
Espling of New Gloucester96.9%
Evangelos of Friendship99.8%
Eves of North Berwick98.7%
Farnsworth of Portland95.8%
Fitzpatrick of Houlton99.3%
Fowle of Vassalboro100.0%
Fredette of Newport94.7%
Frey of Bangor89.5%
Gattine of Westbrook99.1%
Gideon of Freeport98.2%
Gifford of Lincoln95.6%
Gilbert of Jay91.0%
Gillway of Searsport96.7%
Goode of Bangor96.7%
Graham of North Yarmouth97.1%
Grant of Gardiner100.0%
Guerin of Glenburn99.3%
Hamann of South Portland96.1%
Harlow of Portland99.8%
Harvell of Farmington94.7%
Hayes of Buckfield96.5%
Herbig of Belfast91.4%
Hickman of Winthrop96.9%
Hobbins of Saco85.3%
Hubbell of Bar Harbor100.0%
Jackson of Oxford98.7%
Johnson, D. of Eddington99.1%
Johnson, P. of Greenville97.6%
Jones of Freedom98.9%
Jorgensen of Portland94.5%
Kaenrath of South Portland96.9%
Kent of Woolwich87.9%
Keschl of Belgrade98.9%
Kinney of Limington100.0%
Knight of Livermore Falls80.0%
Kornfield of Bangor94.1%
Kruger of Thomaston96.1%
Kumiega of Deer Isle98.2%
Kusiak of Fairfield98.5%
Lajoie of Lewiston99.1%
Libby, A. of Waterboro72.8%
Libby, N. of Lewiston97.1%
Lockman of Amherst99.6%
Long of Sherman98.9%
Longstaff of Waterville98.2%
Luchini of Ellsworth99.8%
MacDonald, S. of Old Orchard Beach89.5%
MacDonald, W. of Boothbay93.2%
Maker of Calais99.1%
Malaby of Hancock86.2%
Marean of Hollis97.8%
Marks of Pittston99.8%
Mason of Topsham93.2%
Mastraccio of Sanford99.1%
McCabe of Skowhegan98.0%
McClellan of Raymond98.5%
McElwee of Caribou100.0%
McGowan of York89.7%
McLean of Gorham91.4%
Monaghan-Derrig of Cape Elizabeth98.9%
Moonen of Portland100.0%
Moriarty of Cumberland99.1%
Morrison of South Portland99.1%
Nadeau, A. of Fort Kent89.5%
Nadeau, C. of Winslow98.7%
Nelson of Falmouth98.0%
Newendyke of Litchfield96.9%
Noon of Sanford98.9%
Nutting of Oakland96.3%
Parry of Arundel99.3%
Pease of Morrill89.7%
Peavey Haskell of Milford92.1%
Peoples of Westbrook95.8%
Peterson of Rumford16.2%
Plante of Berwick100.0%
Pouliot of Augusta95.0%
Powers of Naples86.0%
Priest of Brunswick92.5%
Pringle of Windham90.8%
Rankin of Hiram100.0%
Reed of Carmel96.3%
Rochelo of Biddeford95.0%
Rotundo of Lewiston98.9%
Russell of Portland96.3%
Rykerson of Kittery81.6%
Sanborn of Gorham97.6%
Sanderson of Chelsea99.8%
Saucier of Presque Isle98.5%
Saxton of Harpswell72.1%
Schneck of Bangor100.0%
Shaw of Standish88.4%
Short of Pittsfield97.1%
Sirocki of Scarborough98.7%
Stanley of Medway99.8%
Stuckey of Portland93.4%
Theriault of Madawaska95.0%
Timberlake of Turner99.1%
Tipping-Spitz of Orono98.0%
Treat of Hallowell97.6%
Turner of Burlington88.6%
Tyler of Windham88.2%
Verow of Brewer95.2%
Villa of Harrison96.5%
Volk of Scarborough96.3%
Wallace of Dexter89.9%
Weaver of York100.0%
Welsh of Rockport98.2%
Werts of Auburn79.2%
Willette of Mapleton95.4%
Wilson of Augusta98.9%
Winchenbach of Waldoboro97.6%
Winsor of Norway95.8%
Wood of Sabattus98.0%