House Video/Audio
Help and Hints for iPads

We will be checking and updating these options in January 2015
when the House and Senate start regular sessions.

Disclaimer: These are suggestions provided by iPad users and have worked for some people, but there is no guarantee that they will work for everyone. The applications (or "apps") referenced are available at the App Store, which is an application that comes pre-installed on iPads.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for other apps that you've found useful for various pages on the Legislature's website, please send them to Thanks!

The following links should work with both GoodPlayer ($2.99) and OPlayer HD Lite (free but loads more slowly and displays ads at the top)

House Video - mms://

House Audio - mms://

Senate Video - mms://

Senate Audio - mms://

You should also be able to use the Mobile Device Player (mms) links on the House and Senate Video and Audio pages, but there appears to be a problem with the link on the Senate video page. We're checking into that, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.


3/20/14 Update - the information below the line is from two years ago - it may still be valid, but hasn't been retested yet. Once that's done, those programs that still work will move above the line.

Using the app FStream to listen to Committee sessions on iPad or iPhone (we're not sure why, but this app does not seem to work for the Appropriations Committee):

  1. Download FStream (no charge)
  2. Go to “Favorites” -> “Edit” -> “Add new webradio”
  3. Under “Name” type the nickname you want to use for the stream (ie “HHS Committee”)
  4. Under “URL” type the address of the “mms” stream. To find this, use your desktop or laptop to go to the Legislative Audio Directory Page and select the committee you want to listen to. Towards the bottom of the page, hover your mouse over the “Mobile Device Player (mms)” link and in the lower left over your browser window you’ll see the URL. You can also find the URL by right clicking on the “Mobile Device Player (mms)” link and selecting “properties.” Once you find the URL, enter in the “URL” field on FStream. (Note: this program seems to be case-sensitive - the mms must be all lower case, and any letters displayed as upper case - such as COB - may need to be upper case.)
  5. Ignore the “Encoding” box and select “Save” then “Done”
  6. Now that stream is saved and you can select “Play” then the name of the stream and listen to it at any time
  7. Note that you can also listen to streams when you’re away from WiFi if you go to “More” -> “Settings” -> “Cellular Network” and select “ON”

The app GoodPlayer which we suggested last year does not seem to work this year - we hope to find either a more-compatible version of it, or another alternative app to add soon.

Some users have found that the app Puffin (an alternative to the included browser Safari) makes it easier to navigate the Senate website, though it does not apparently allow one to watch or listen to the Senate video or audio (we have yet to find an application that does that):

  1. Purchase ($0.99) and download Puffin
  2. Once Puffin is installed, you can just click its icon then enter the URL of the site you want to view
  3. Like most browsers, Puffin lets you bookmark sites you visit often

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