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News clippings at the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library

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The Library subscribes to eight Maine daily newspapers, 17 Maine weeklies, and four national daily newspapers. An alphabetical list is available.

Location and Retention of Newspapers and clippings
The most current issue is kept on the newspaper rack in the center of the Library. Back issues of daily newspapers are clipped, then shelved for one week in the Clipping area on the mezzanine. Back issues of weekly newspapers are discarded immediately after clipping.  The most recent Sunday papers are kept at the Circulation Desk.

Types of Articles Selected for the Clipping Collection 
We select news, biographical or editorial articles which cover, or have an impact on, Maine's law and legislation, politics, state and local governments, and the legal community. 

Accessing the Clipping Collection 
Clippings are assigned one of over 300 subject headings. Clippings for the current year are located on top of the work tables. Earlier clippings, which may date back to 1970 or earlier, are filed in the cabinets. Staff can help you identify headings and locate articles. 
Specialized binders have been compiled for clippings of: 
  • Selected major issues dating back to the 1930's (i.e. Indian Land Claims or Workers' Compensation) 
  • Biographic information on legislators, governors, Maine congressional representatives and senators, judges and attorneys 
  • The Legislature and proposed legislation since 1961 (see card index in Clipping Area for citations to articles since 1984, and see Reference copies of the bound Legislative Documents for citations prior to 1984) 
  • Unique or precedent-setting court cases 
  • Political elections, candidates, party platforms and initiatives 

Clippings from 2003 - present have been scanned into a fully searchable database. The database is accessible at our public stations in the library.

Use restrictions
Items in the Clippings Collection may be used only in the Library. Sign for files if you wish to take them to a reading table. There are photocopiers available if you wish to make copies of articles. Return used files to the Return box, in the Clipping Area, when you are finished. 

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