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Collections : Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library

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The Law Library collects legal and governmental materials, in various formats, to meet the diverse needs of Maine citizens, their government and the legal community and to reflect current and past actions of the Maine Legislature.

Books, Reports, Videos, et al.
Search the URSUS catalog for books, self-help titles, government documents, study reports, treatises, videos, and other cataloged items by title, subject or keywords. Our library's holdings are identified as "LEG". If a title is also available as a full-text version out on the Internet, the bibliographic record will contain a link to "Connect to online version".

To keep you informed of  new items added to the library's collection we publish a list of selected
new acquisitions. 

Cases & Digests
We collect the printed versions of the Atlantic, Federal, Supreme Court (by West and by Lawyer's Cooperative), Bankruptcy, Veteran's and U.S. Court of Claims reporters, as well as American Law Reports. We have Regional Reporter, New York and California sets as well but they are current only through September 2002. For cases not covered by our print collection we provide electronic access via Lexis and Westlaw. See the heading Computer Network Resources below for more information.

Our slip opinions include Maine, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (ME), U.S. Court of Appeals (1st Circuit) , U.S. District Court (ME) and U.S. Supreme Court.Our digests include Atlantic, Maine, Federal Practice, the Decennial and General Digests, as well as the Supreme Court Digest. (The Atlantic, Decennial, and General Digests are no longer getting updates.) 

Shepard's (available through reference staff via, Shepard's Maine (paper format) as well as Key Cite (on Westlaw).

Computer Network Resources Computer stations are available for use by visitors. They provide access to the following electronic resources:
  • Bill Status
  • Canadian Legal Materiasl
  • CCH Tax Research
  • Consumer Law (companion websites to NCLC print titles in our collection)
  • HeinOnline (includes full-text journals, state session laws, English Reports, historical Federal Register, et al.)
  • Internet
  • LegalTrac
  • LLDL (our own digitized collection of Maine legislative materials)
  • LLMC Digital Collections (non-profit multi-state digitized legal materials)
  • Maine : An EncyclopediaMaine Employment Info Guide
  • MARVEL! (Maine's virtual library which residents can also access from their home computers)
  • News clippings (See News heading below for more information.)
  • OSHA
  • WestlawNext
  • WordPad
Federal Laws & Regulations
We collect the U.S. Code,  session laws, Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations. For access to electronic versions see our Federal Law page.

Government Documents
As a partial depository library forfederal government documents,we select hearings, reports, bulletins, administrative decisions and other documents appropriate to our collection. We also collect some, but not all, documents published by Maine state agencies and departments.

Law Reviews & Periodicals
We subscribe to major law reviews and legal, governmental, and news journals. You can search URSUS for individual journal titles to verify our holdings and see the latest issue received. Some digital articles are also available in-house through our subscription to Hein Online's Law Journal Library, LegalTrac or through our Reference Department's Lexis subscription. Some articles may also be available to Maine residents through the MARVEL! service.
      Maine Law and Legislative Materials
We collect, and retain in paper form, Maine bills and proposed amendments, session laws, statutes, study reports,  the Legislative Record, House and Senate Journals, session registers, History and Final Disposition pamphlets, executive orders, roll calls, committee files and limited biographical information. Library staff  also compile some legislative histories on major or recurring topics (compiled histories are searchable in our catalog). We also compile a fact book which is useful for session statistics, names of former governors, treasurers, and secretaries of state, et al. and publish versions on our website.

We have a printed set of the Code of Maine Rules and a second version that is annotated. We have sets of current Maine Statutes and a complete historical set back to 1820. Many sources are also available electronically on the Legislatures's website or through electronic subscriptions available in our library.

An RSS feed of links to a daily selection of news articles for you to read on your computer or mobile device. We hope that this service, created and updated by Law Library staff, helps you stay in touch with news relevant to developments in and around Maine's State House.

We subscribe to many Maine daily and weekly newspapers, as well as several top national dailies.  Although we do not retain whole newspapers, we save clippings of any articles relating to Maine government, the Legislature, legal and judicial community and current legislative issues. Some of the clippings are being digitized.

Reference Materials
Dictionaries, legal encyclopedias, government directories and other materials for quick or background information.

State Laws (Non-Maine)
Our collection includes print copies of the statutes of all 50 states.
Some resources mentioned on this page are available on the Internet through our iResearch page

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