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Office of Fiscal and Program Review
5 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0005
Room 226, State House
Phone: 207-287-1635
Fax: 207-287-6469

Director: TBD

Maureen Dawson

Acting Director and Principal Analyst: Maureen S. Dawson
Appropriations Committee Lead Staff

Principal Analyst: Marc A. Cyr
Fiscal Note Coordinator


Legislative Analyst: Alexandra E. Avore
Fiscal Areas
Criminal Justice
Health and Human Services
State and Local Government


Senior Legislative Analyst: Julie Jones
Taxation Committee Lead Staff

Legislative Analyst: James Robbins
Fiscal Areas
Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Marine Resources
Natural Resources
Utilities and Energy

Chris Nolan

Legislative Analyst: Christopher W. Nolan
Fiscal Areas
Health and Human Services
Insurance and Financial Services

Suzanne Roy

Legislative Analyst: Suzanne N. Voynik
Fiscal Areas
Legal & Veterans Affairs
Public Safety
State and Local Government
Transportation Committee Staff for Highway Fund Budget

Rachel B. Tremblay

Legislative Analyst: Rachel B. Tremblay
Fiscal Areas
Business, Research and Econmic Development
Educational and Cultural Affairs

Senior Secretary: Candace Wells

Secretary/AFA Clerk: Marianne MacMaster