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Homeland Security in Maine

You may browse this master list of homeland security publications, or access particular documents from other parts of this site.

List of Publications by Title
Name Type pdf rtf other
Interoperable Communications Survey Form -doc
  Communications Assesment as it pertains to the 5 areas of interoperable communications. Please complete prior to April 1st, 2009.
2007 Homeland Security Grant Award List Grant Report pdf
  List of grants awarded to counties and municipalities under the 2007 competitive grant process.
Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement Policy pdf
  Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement developed in concert with the Maine Fire Commission and responders and officials around the state. Revision 1, February 2014.
2007 PSIC Awards List Report pdf
2008 Homeland Security Grant Award List Grant Report pdf
  List of County and local jurisdictions which have been awarded 2008 Homeland Security Grants.
Special Teams MOU Policy doc
  This MOU template is to be used when executing a NEW MOU with a special teams. Existing MOUs need not be re-done.
Credentialing Policy Policy doc
  Cuurent policy on issuance of credentials for special teams
Special Response Team Member Qualification Form Form doc
  Form to be used by Team Chiefs to record team members qualifications. Important for worker's comp and liability issues.
2009 Homeland Security Grant Award List Grant Report pdf
  List of County and local jurisdictions which have been awarded 2009 Homeland Security Grants.
SERC Facility letter Form Grant Guidance SERC Letter.pdf
  Letter sent to facilities describing filing and fee reports for hazardous materials inventories. Also used by Homeland Security grant applicants to review requirements.
US Census Data for Maine: 2010 Grant Guidance xls
  Official 2010 Census population figures for Maine jurisdictions, issued by US Census
2011 NIMS Training Requirements Matrix Guidance pdf
  This matrix outlines the minimum training requirements for compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) NIMS compliance is required for HSGP and EMPG grant programs.
2014 HSGP Maine Grant Guidance Form Grant Guidance Instructions pdf
  Read this guidance before applying for 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program funds. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Budget Worksheet/Application Template Form Grant Guidance Instructions xlsx
  Use this form to list all budget items requested in application for 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program funds. NOTE: This form requires use Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet program. REQUIRED
2014 Maine NIMS Compliance Reference Form Grant Guidance Instructions pdf
  Reference document for State of Maine standards for NIMS compliance. Part of HSGP 2014 application reference package. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Blank MOU Form Grant Guidance Instructions docx
  NOTE: Provided for information only; applicants do not need to fill this out with their application. However, review carefully to understand grant requirements. Requires Microsoft Word or compatible software to view. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Maine Inventory Reporting Form Form Grant Guidance xlsx
  Listing is required for single items valued at $5,000 or more. First report is due back to MEMA within one year of award date, and then at least once every two years thereafter. Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible software to view. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Maine Application Narrative Form Grant Guidance docx
  Use this form to describe the basis for request of HSGP grant funds. REQUIRED SUBMISSION. Microsoft Word or compatible software required.
2014 HSGP Allocations Form Grant Guidance pdf
  Official funding allocations by County for 2014 HSGP grants. REVIEW/REFERENCE
FEMA EHP Screening Form 024-0-1 Form Grant Guidance pdf
  For use by HSGP and EMPG grantees to define a project that may have environmental or historic preservation impact. Submit only if requested by MEMA. If requested, complete and submit to MEMA for designated project. FEMA Form: 024-0-1
2014 NIMS Data Collection Spreadsheet Form Grant Guidance pdf xlsm
  This form should be completed and submitted with 2014 HSGP MOUs. If you are having problems opening the .xlsm form and have an older version of Excel, you may need to install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack. An Adobe .pdf version has also been provided.
MSCommNet RegionNet ICS-217A Brochure pdf
  Details on public MSCommNet/RegionNet frequencies. UPDATED 12/10/2014
MSCommNet/RegionNet Pocket Guide Brochure pdf
  Printable brochure describing MSCommNet/RegionNet system as well as updated CONOPS information. Includes MsCommNet system map.
Suspicious Substance Protocol Guidance Policy pdf doc
  Guidelines for first responders' use when dealing with a suspicious substance, including suspicious packages or envelopes. Revised August 2011 to combine previous protocols and screening tool into one document.
Suspicious Substance Protocol Presentation Form Guidance pdf ppt
  Training presentation on Suspicious Substance Protocol.
Credentialing Card Development Guide Guidance Instructions Policy doc
  Guide for gathering base data and photos for credential cards for special teams.
Lessons Learned: Stockton Springs Incident Guidance Plan pdf doc
  A summary of the lessons learned, captured through a series of After Action Reviews following the Stockton Springs Elementary School hostage incident on October 31, 2008
2009 NIMS Compliance Policy (State of Maine) Grant Policy pdf doc
  A quick reference for NIMS compliance, as it affects eligibility for Homeland Security Grants and Emergency Management Performance Grants in Maine


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