Fire Safety and Prevention: Wildland Fires


Maine is no stranger to catastrophic fires. In fact, every year Maine’s Fire Departments and the Maine Forest Service respond to grass and woodland fires in every part of the State.

Within the last 100 years we have experienced many episodes of grass and forest fires that have ravaged 100’s of acres. This can occur any time of the year. However, Maine is most vulnerable in the Spring and Fall when vegetation is not as “green” as during the dry months of summer.

Safety Precautions

Many grass and woodland fires start due to a “human element” such as carelessness with smoking materials, unsafe campfires and arson. Even permitted fires can get out of control in a very short period of time. By following simple fire prevention rules, we can all do our part to keep from starting these dangerous fires.

  • When burning with a permit, keep careful watch on the weather, wind and other factors that may change after you start to burn.
  • Dispose of smoking materials properly.
  • Make sure your campfire is completely out, remembering that ashes can stay hot for many hours.
  • Keep your property free from large amounts of debris as this becomes fuel.
  • Know evacuation routes in case a local fire gets out of control.
  • Teach your children about Fire Safety.
  • Be aware of the Maine Forest Service Fire Danger Level, which is updated daily.
REMEMBER- You need a PERMIT for open burning in Maine AND you can be held financially and criminally liable for fires that get out of your control!

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