Animals: Preparedness for Horse Owners


Because of the size and transportation needs of horses, owners need to take special steps to prepare for and respond to emergencies:

  • Keep a seven day supply of hay and feed in the barn
  • Have a breakable halter and lead for each horse
  • Make sure you can access a trailer
  • Create a first aid kit for your animal
  • Know where to quickly retrieve medical records including vaccination and Coggins test results
  • Have photos of you and your horse together to help identify it should it escape

In case of barn fire – special considerations for horse owners:

  • Blindfold horses only if absolutely necessary. Many horses will balk at a blindfold, making evacuation more difficult and time consuming.
  • Move your horses to paddocks close enough to reach quickly but far enough from the barn that the horses will not be affected by the fire and smoke. Never let horses loose in an area where they are able to return to the barn.
  • After the fire, be sure to have all your livestock checked by a veterinarian. Smoke inhalation can cause serious lung damage and respiratory complications. Horses are prone to stress and may experience colic after a fire.

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