Tree Cutting and Trimming Safety


Tree Chipper Safety

  • Maintain a safe distance between the chipper and other work or workers
  • Be sure wheels of portable chippers are chocked so they cannot move while chipping
  • Use ear plugs, safety glasses, hard hats and gloves.
  • Never reach into a chipper while it is operating!
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothes around a chipper.

Tree Trimming and Removal:

  • Work within 10 feet of power lines must be done by trained professionals.
  • Do not attempt to trim or remove trees near power lines yourself!
  • Do not attempt to trim or remove trees in dangerous weather conditions
  • Determine the direction trees or limbs will fall before you start removing them.
  • Be especially careful around bent, twisted or leaning trees.
  • Be extra cautious around trees hung up in other trees.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment.
  • Never turn your back on a falling tree – it may kick, snap or bounce in unexpected ways.
  • Be alert for objects falling from or thrown back by a tree as it falls.
  • Identify a retreat path to a safe location before starting trimming or removal of any kind.

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