Animals: Birds, Snakes, Hamsters and their friends


Many families include pets other than cats and dogs. Feathered, scaled or tiny friends have special safety needs. If you have to leave your home, they will need to leave as well. Here are some things to plan for:


  • Birds should be transported in a secure travel cage or carrier.
  • In cold weather, wrap a blanket over the carrier and warm up the car before placing birds inside.
  • During warm weather, carry a plant mister to mist the birds’ feathers periodically.
  • Do not put water inside the carrier during transport.
  • Provide a few slices of fresh fruit and vegetables with high water content.
  • Have a photo for identification and leg bands.
  • Try to keep the carrier in a quiet area.
  • Do not let the birds out of the cage or carrier.

Reptiles and Other Pets

  • Snakes can be transported in a pillowcase but they must be transferred to more secure housing when they reach the evacuation site.
  • If your snakes require frequent feeding, carry food with you.
  • Take a water bowl large enough for soaking as well as a heating pad.
  • When transporting house lizards, follow the same directions as for birds.

Pocket Pets

  • Small mammals (hamsters, gerbils, etc.) should be transported in secure carriers suitable for maintaining the animals while sheltered.
  • Take bedding materials, food bowls, and water bottles.

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