Community Preparedness: Many Pieces with a Single Goal

disaster scene

There's no way to know when a disaster will strike. You can help keep your community protected.


During an emergency, many organizations and people come together to help others ‘weather the storm.’ These could include first responders, non-profit organizations, elected officials, state, county and local emergency management agencies, and you.

That’s right. You. Citizens can be critical resources when it comes to community emergency response. First responders are not an unlimited resource, and they may not always be available to help you or your neighbors during a disaster. They could be helping others, or even prevented from helping at all by a downed bridge or a flooded roadway.

Are you ready to help yourself? Are you willing to pitch in with your neighbors, be professionally trained, and help emergency crews with neighborhood outreach, traffic control, search and rescue, animal response or others tasks?

There are many ways you can help make your community stronger, safer and more able to weather the storm. The first step is easy: Learn more about how your local officials are planning for emergencies, how to join or start a Community Emergency Response Team and other ways you can get involved.

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