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Communications Document Library

Name Type pdf rtf other
MSCommNet/RegionNet Pocket Guide Brochure pdf
  Printable brochure describing MSCommNet/RegionNet system as well as updated CONOPS information. Includes MsCommNet system map.
MSCommNet RegionNet ICS-217A Brochure pdf
  Details on public MSCommNet/RegionNet frequencies. UPDATED 12/04/2014
2014 HSGP Allocations Form Grant Guidance pdf
  Official funding allocations by County for 2014 HSGP grants. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Maine Application Narrative Form Grant Guidance docx
  Use this form to describe the basis for request of HSGP grant funds. REQUIRED SUBMISSION. Microsoft Word or compatible software required.
Narrowbanding Planning Intentions Plan pdf
  State of Maine Update to Narrowband Planning Primer for Maine Towns and Counties
How to Modify Your FCC License for Narrowbanding Guidance pdf
  This document was brorrowed from the State of Vermont with Permission. It instructs you how to modify your FCC License for Narrowbanding.
2014 HSGP Blank MOU Form Grant Guidance Instructions docx
  NOTE: Provided for information only; applicants do not need to fill this out with their application. However, review carefully to understand grant requirements. Requires Microsoft Word or compatible software to view. REVIEW/REFERENCE
EAS Activation Request Instructions Instructions doc
EAS Activation Request Form Form pdf doc
  Use this form to request State level activation of the Emergency Alert System (EAS).
2014 Maine NIMS Compliance Reference Form Grant Guidance Instructions pdf
  Reference document for State of Maine standards for NIMS compliance. Part of HSGP 2014 application reference package. REVIEW/REFERENCE
2014 HSGP Budget Worksheet/Application Template Form Grant Guidance Instructions xlsx
  Use this form to list all budget items requested in application for 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program funds. NOTE: This form requires use Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet program. REQUIRED
2014 HSGP Maine Grant Guidance Form Grant Guidance Instructions pdf
  Read this guidance before applying for 2014 Homeland Security Grant Program funds. REVIEW/REFERENCE
Narrowbanding Advisory Notice Instructions pdf
  Advisory Notice
2011 NIMS Training Requirements Matrix Guidance pdf
  This matrix outlines the minimum training requirements for compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) NIMS compliance is required for HSGP and EMPG grant programs.
Radio Guide Guidance doc
  This guide has a list of radios that are narrowband compliant.
FCC-10-36A1 Original Part 90 Change Report pdf
  Second Report and Order
FCC Public Notice for Narrowbanding Reminder DA-09-2589A1 Guidance Policy pdf
  Deadlines for Narrowbanding private land mobile radio services in the 150-174 MHz and 421-512 MHz bands to migrate to narrowband (12.5 kHz or narrower) technology.
Communication Unit Leader (COML) Type 3 Recognition and Guidance Guidance Policy doc
  Maine guidance for individual communications training and creation of a recognized Communications Unit Leader (COML)following the NIMS COML Standard.
2009 Homeland Security Grant Award List Grant Report pdf
  List of County and local jurisdictions which have been awarded 2009 Homeland Security Grants.
Maine Interoperable Communications Committee Charter (MICC) Policy doc
  Maine Interoperable Communications Committee (MICC) Charter
FCC Guidance for applicants seeking VHF & UHF Frequencies along the Canadain border Guidance Instructions pdf
  FCC Public Notice DA 09-1064
SCIP 2009 Survey Results Report xls
  Results of 2009 interoperable communications surveys and workshups
Communication Exercise Checklist Guidance doc
  Communication exercise reference guide.
County Communication Tour Presentation Guidance Plan ppt
  This ppt was presented to all County Emergency Managers to facilitate communications planning and direction for 2009.
Sample Local CONOPS SOP Plan doc
  Sample template for local adoption of the CONOPS procedure. This may be modified to meet specific needs.
Interoperable Communications Survey Form -doc
  Communications Assesment as it pertains to the 5 areas of interoperable communications. Please complete prior to April 1st, 2009.
2007 PSIC Awards List Report pdf
Interoperability and CONOPS Presentation Guidance Instructions ppt
  PowerPoint Presentation created for training interoperability and CONOPS radio procedures.
National Emergency Communications Plan Plan pdf
ICS Form 205 CONOPS Maine Form doc
  ICS Radio Communication Plan adapted to utilize the Maine CONOPS Frequencies
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide (NIFOG) Version 1.2 Guidance pdf
  This document contains Nationally approved communication frequencies for interoperability. This document is a must for communication professionals. Produced by Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Emergency Communications.
SAFECOM Interoperability Writing Guide for SOPs Grant Guidance Plan pdf
Maine State Communications Network Summary (MScommNet) Grant Guidance Plan doc
  MScommNet summary.
SAFECOM Grant Guidance FY 2007 Grant Guidance pdf
  Federal Interoperability Grant Guidance
State of Maine Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) Grant Guidance Plan doc
  This is the approved plan by DHS. All appendices and figures can be requested by official public safety agencies by emailing:
ICS Form 205-A (Optional) Maine Form doc
  This form is used to capture on scene communications. This form augments the ICS Form 205 by including other communication mediums other than radio. Ref: CONOPS
SCIP Presentation to the Counties Grant Guidance ppt
  This is the copy of the ppt presentation to the counties
Communications Interoperability Plan Executive Summary Grant doc
  Maine State Communications Interoperability Plan Executive Summary
SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum Guidance doc
  SAFECOM Interoperability Continuum graphic
Maine Communications Interoperability Committee Members Brochure Grant doc
  By Executive Order, Governor Baldacci established the Maine Communications Interoperability Committee (MICC) in July 2007 for “the purpose of developing a plan for statewide voice and data communications interoperability to help ensure the safety of all citizens in day-to-day operations, natural disasters, emergency response scenarios, and terrorist incidents.”
2009 NIMS Compliance Policy (State of Maine) Grant Policy pdf doc
  A quick reference for NIMS compliance, as it affects eligibility for Homeland Security Grants and Emergency Management Performance Grants in Maine
CONOPS Frequently Asked Questions Plan pdf
  Answers to questions about the Maine Communications Operations Plan (CONOPS) for Incident Communications Interoperability
CONOPS Plan Plan Policy -doc
  State of Maine Communications Operations Plan (CONOPS) for Incident Communications Interoperability
CONOPS Quick Reference Guidance Plan Policy -pdf
  Quick reference for activation of the Maine Communications Operations Plan (CONOPS) for Incident Communications Interoperability


You will need the free Adobe® Reader to view PDF documents. RTF documents may be opened with any word processing software. Other: DOC: Microsoft Word® or Word® Viewer. XLS: Microsoft Excel® or Excel® Viewer PPT: Microsoft PowerPoint® or PowerPoint® Viewer. Should you need an alternate form of any document, please contact us.


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