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The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 authorizes the National Park Service to grant funds allocated by Congress from the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) to States for historic preservation activities. In turn, the States may subgrant funds to eligible recipients in order for other agencies or institutions to conduct allowable activities on its behalf.  Due to funding levels over the past several years, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission has had to limit its HPF subgrants to small public education projects and the support of Certified Local Governments.

The availability of HPF grant funds and application deadlines will be announced through published legal notices and a posting on this website.

May 2014 Development Grants Update

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission anticipates awarding approximately $100,000 in 50/50 matching grants in 2014 for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings statewide. Eligible historic buildings are those that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places either individually or as contributing resources in a National Register listed historic district. Eligible applicants are limited to state agencies, county governments, municipal governments, educational institutions, and private non-profit institutions as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Projects must be directed by persons with professional credentials as defined by the Department of the Interior, and must be completed by September 1, 2015. The deadline for application is June 20, 2014. The Commissionís Grants Manual provides information about eligible projects and expenses, as well as the project selection process, including selection criteria.

New Century Preservation Grants

The Commission also disburses State grant monies through the New Century Community Program when this program has been funded. As a participating agency of the Maine State Cultural Affairs Council, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission is charged with administering New Century Community Program preservation grants for historic buildings, structures and sites.

Notices pertaining to the availability of New Century grant funds and grant application deadlines will be posted on this website.

Policy on Letters of Support

Grant making institutions and agencies often require that applications include letters of support from the State Historic Preservation Officer. The Commission will provide such letters for projects it deems worthy, or will comment on a proposed project’s effect under the following conditions: 1) the request shall be made, preferably by email, at least 15 days before the application deadline; 2) the applicant shall provide a copy of the grant application that explains the grant request and scope of work; 3) the applicant shall furnish a draft letter of endorsement that the Commission may modify as it deems appropriate; 4) the applicant shall indicate to whom the letter should be sent; and 5) the comment deadline shall be stated in the request.

Procedure for Save America’s Treasures Grants

If an applicant is seeking an endorsement of a grant request to the Save America’s Treasures program, and the property for which the grant is intended is a designated National Historic Landmark, or is presently listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the national level of significance, the procedure described above shall be observed.

If the property is not presently recognized as an NHL or is not listed in the Register at the national level of significance, consultation with the Commission should be initiated at least 90 days prior to the application deadline. This time frame is necessary for the Commission to issue a preliminary opinion as to whether the property should be acknowledged as having a national level of significance, and if we do, to permit the applicant to develop a written statement in accordance with National Register guidelines and bulletins that justifies this change to the property’s status. Please be advised, however, that any such change is ultimately subject to the approval of the Keeper of the Register. When the Commission is satisfied with the documentation provided by the applicant, the procedure described above shall be observed.