Staff Directory

Please note our new email addresses. We will have a temporary forwarding in place for a short period to allow for the transition.

Employee Title Phone Email Address
Amy Sneirson Executive Director 207.624-6290
Barbara Archer Hirsch Commission Counsel 207.624.8730
Victoria Ternig Chief Investigator 207.624.6296
Jill Duson Compliance Manager 207.624.8723
Bob Beauchesne Investigator 207.624.6298
Michele Dion Investigator 207.624.6295
Alice Neal Investigator 207.624-8724
Angela Tizon Investigator 207.624.6297
Melody Piper Public Service Coordinator 207.624.6299
Cindy Rocque Case Controller 207.624.6292
Cheryl McAllister Intake 207.624.6294
Kimberly Weeks Reception/Asst. Case Controller 207.624.6290
Intake Intake Questionnaire Materials 207.624-6294
Request Extension Requests 207.624.6290

If you wish to file a discrimination complaint electronically, please select File a Complaint and complete an intake questionnaire. Before completing this process it may be helpful to review relevant links under Guidance. If you are not sure how the Maine Human Rights Act may apply to, you please review the publication "What It Is! How It Works!"

If you are a named party to complaint and you have questions about the status of your complaint or wish to request an extension you may email us at; (Changing to Effective February 1, 2014)

Note: The Commission does not accept information related to cases, such as submissions, document responses, etc. by e-mail except with prior written approval by the assigned Investigator, the Compliance Manager, or  the Executive Director.