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MLTI IV 2015 Deployment

Participation Packets and information are for schools wishing to begin a new MLTI 1:1 solution in Fall 2015 will be published later this spring. We recommend you use the information from 2014 (below) as a guide. This information and pricing does not pertain to existing 1:1 MLTI participating schools whose deployments began in the fall of 2013. Please contact the MLTI Project Office with any questions.



  • What are the costs to opt-in for 2015?
    • At this time, we do not have exact pricing for the upcoming opt in period, but are recommending school administration use our price list from 2014 as a guide.
  • We are looking to expand to grades k-6. Do we wait until spring? What do we do?
    • MLTI opens an annual opt in period at which time Maine schools have the option to participate in one of the MLTI4 solutions. The MLTI team will distribute 2015 opt in paperwork to Maine schools in the spring of 2015. Check back here for updates.
  • If I’m just adding a few seats (perhaps for new staff) to my current MLTI opt in, do I start the 4 years over?
    • On July 1 2015, MLTI4 cohort 1 will begin year 3 & MLTI4 cohort 2 will begin year 2. If you’re wanting to add additional staff devices to any of your schools that are participating in a currently opted-in grade span, we can simply add the seats to the current cohort depending on what school eligibility status, which can result in an increase to your quarterly invoicing. If you’d like to add devices to a new grade span within your school district that is not yet opted into MLTI4, the school would need to opt in this spring when we open our annual opt in process. This would start a new 4-year lease cycle for what will be an MLTI4 cohort 3 school.
  • We are not part of MLTI but want to opt in. What do we do?
    • MLTI will open the annual opt in process Spring 2015. At that time, Maine schools that aren’t already participating in MLTI4 will have the option to participate.
  • Who is eligible to participate in MLTI? Can my home-schooled student participate in MLTI?
    • Our eligibility guidelines can be found at


2014 Participation Packets

This information is from 2014. Please note new Participation Packets will be released Spring 2015.

MLTI IV Solution Summary

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    If you have questions about the Deployment, please send them to or call the Project Office at 207-624-6746.





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