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Professional Development Requests


Professional Development has been the mainstay of the MLTI since 2002, and we encourage middle and high schools across Maine to take advantage of this free service. MLTI Integration Mentors can come to your school and deliver any of the workshops listed below, or we can offer sessions tailored to your school’s goals. We can work with your whole staff or with department or team groups, either face-to-face or online in a virtual classroom.


MLTI offers Professional Development to support in a collaborative and systemic manner the effective integration of technology into teaching and learning for all teachers and students. All sessions offered by MLTI are directly connected to student experience and are technology rich. MLTI facilitators model learning, not just improved use of MLTI devices. When requesting professional development assistance from us, please keep in mind that the MLTI device is a catalyst for transforming education, not merely a tool that teachers must learn to use.


Please review the following information carefully before completing our Professional Development Request Form below. If your leadership team needs help planning a professional development request that will work best in your learning environment please contact Juanita Dickson.

Step 1: Self Assessment of School Learning Needs

Please consider the following information below and work with your Principal and Curriculum Coordinator if possible when selecting your request. It will assist us in providing you a session that will more accurately further your school's learning and teaching.

  • Think of your school goals. Tie your PD selection back to these goals to ensure the session fulfills your needs;
  • Why this particular session? What is the outcome you are looking for? How will it further your school's learning goals;
  • Meet with your principal and/or curriculum coordinator to ensure everyone's on the same page
  • Who is your audience? Ensure the audience and request are a good match.
  • How will you assure that participants will arrive at the session and take advantage of the opportunity and then make local use/support the learning ongoing?
  • What is your plan for follow-up? We want to ensure you carry on with the information presented to you.

Step 2: Contact Information


Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

If your school is not in the list, please select Other and put your school name & school code in the following text box:





Step 3: Topic

  • [All] indicates cross-platform

  • To see a description of HP offerings, please click here.
  • To see a description of Apple offerings, please click here.
  • Sessions marked with an asterisk are new to our request page and not yet listed in our catalog. You can find their descriptions here.

    Step 4: Logistical Information


    Training Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

    Specific Times to

    Location of Training

    Target Audience

    Grade Level

    Number of participants


    Does the training location have wireless?

    Do all attendees have the right tools (hardware? software?)

    Is there a screen/projector available?





    Step 5: Before we get there:

    • Please ensure your teachers attending this session are prepared for the day.
    • Share an agenda with them ahead of time.
    • Have them prepare their own questions or think about any concerns they have regarding the topic of the day.
    • Plan in 5 minutes at the beginning of the day for participants to enter their information in a brief online registration form




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    Questions on events and registration should be directed to Juanita Dickson



    Inclement weather?? Check out the MLTI PD Cancellation Page before leaving home!