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21st Century High School Teacher Tools and Resources


Professional Development
The Maine Learning Technology Initiative in support of systemic high school reform efforts and in collaboration with Apple will provide professional development sessions for high school educators during the 2007-08 school year.

Leadership team workshops, focused on collaborative, inclusive leadership, use of professional learning communities and the strategic use of data and technology resources and tools, will commence in late September. Sessions will be held in each of the nine superintendent regions of the state. Leadership teams include the principal, teacher leader(s), librarian and technical lead.

Educator workshops, focused on the integration of new tools and resources for curriculum, instruction and assessment, communication and collaboration, will begin in October and continue throughout the year. Sessions on content pedagogy and differentiation of instruction will be held in all nine superintendent regions. Particular attention will be paid to 21st Century Skills identified in the revised Maine Learning Results.

Technical Staff
The MLTI supports high schools in which all students achieve at high levels. To that end, specific sessions and ongoing support will be provided for high school technical staff beginning in late September. Particular focus will be on supporting communication and collaboration systems.Communication and Collaboration
Studywiz, an online communication and collaboration environment, supports a personalized, virtual learning environment for educators, students and parents. This environment will support the sharing of educator resources, collaboration and communication, development of personalized learning and graduation plans focused on student mastery of subject matter.

Communication and Collaboration
During the past five years, it has become increasingly clear that the ability to collaborate and communicate among teachers, students, technical leads, administrators, and parents is vitally important.
This environment will allow teachers to share resources, collaborate with peers, send and receive electronic messages, host online chats, and even store files in their own eLocker. Every teachers will be able to store up to 500MB of information in their eLocker.

The Apple MacBook is the laptop that will be distributed to all teachers. Powered by a 2.0 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo chip and loaded with 1 GB of system memory the laptop will run Apple’s award winning operating system, Mac OS 10.4 Tiger. The MacBook has a variety of ports for connecting to peripheral devices, and will come with an 80GB hard drive, large enough to store all of your school work. It will have enough space to create and edit an iMovie, complete with music from your iTunes library, and photos from your iPhoto collection. The built-in wireless networking Airport Extreme card follows the 801.11b/g/n standard. Airport Extreme wireless networking will allow teachers to connect to any standard wireless network The optical drive is a slot-loading CDRW-DVD Combo drive. This means you can burn CDs, and watch DVD movies. The MacBook also includes a built in iSight camera for instant video conferencing with up to 3 other teachers and audio conferences with up to 9 other teachers.

The devices will run a custom software image that includes applications to support the development of 21st Century skills. For a more complete list of applications pre-loaded on the device, please see the software page.

Apple’s MLTI support plan will continue in same fashion as today’s Middle School 1:1 program. Each school will be provided with 2% or at least one MacBook as a spare device in case a laptop needs to be sent out for repair. Online tools include the MLTI Asset Manager, DepotWorks, and GSX to help track, manage, and keep the laptops in good repair. Batteries that lose their ability to hold a reasonable charge will be replaced at no local cost.

The MLTI Local Depot will provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs. All costs related to non-warranty repairs will be the responsibility of the local school.

Each school will be issued an administrative copy of Apple Remote Desktop to allow technicians to push software updates or make configuration changes. Apple Remote Desktop can also be used to remotely manage computers or gather reports about system configurations and software loads. Remote management tasks can be saved and reused or scheduled so they are performed at off-peak times, or whenever MacBooks are available on the network.

For every 30 MacBooks at your school, you will be provided with a firewire hard drive that includes a custom solution to reimage and restore the device’s software to the standard pre-loaded software image. Schools may also install additional software to the device provided it has license to do so.

Buffer Pool
The Buffer Pool will provide schools with replacement devices for accidentally damaged or stolen laptops. Each school will be assigned a specific number of devices from the pool, based on size (1% of deployment in year 1).
The Buffer Pool will be housed at the MLTI Local Depot, so as replacements are needed, schools will be able to ship the broken device to the depot in exchange for a working device.



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