Maine State Library Commission June 4, 2012

Meeting called to order at 1:00 PM.

Present: Beth Edmonds (Chair), Art Turley, Charlie Campo, Dick Thompson, Debe Averill, Steve Podgajny, Elisabeth Doucett, Inese Gruber, Barbara McDade, Molly Larson
Absent: Joyce Rumery, Kathy Brunjes, Karen Baldacci
Also present: Linda Lord, James Ritter, Janet McKenney, Mamie Ney, Stephanie Zurinski, Valerie Osborne, James Jackson Sanborn


  • Minutes from the May 7, 2012 meeting were approved.

Janet McKenney - LSTA Update

  • Presented the final LSTA 5-year plan
  • Reiterated that the Commission is the LSTA Advisory Committee
  • A. Turley commented that the LSTA Plan is a very good source of information due to the reporting requirements, and B. McDade expressed some concerns that in the area of reference questions, reporting can’t be broken out the same way by all districts.
  • J. McKenney indicated that any final plans/reporting that the Commission endorses can be amended in the LSTA Plan
  • Plan unanimously approved by the Commission

Approval of Two Libraries in MSLN

  • S. Zurinzki presented a brief proposal to the Commission that would allow two libraries, (Norridgewock and Long Lake) to be included in MSLN
  • A.Turley inquired as to how these two libraries compared to the newly passed “public library” guidelines
    • Norridegwock meets the definition.
    • V. Osborne and J. McKenney indicated that while Long Lake does not currently meet all the parameters of the guideline, they are in fact a BTOP library and also are a member of the Maine InfoNet Download Library. This library is moving in direction to meet all guidelines.
  • C. Campo indicated that Long Lake is a great example of how a library may not meet the guidelines at this time but are demonstrating that they are moving toward them.
  • Both libraries were unanimously approved to be included in MSLN.

Strategic Plan

  • The Commission assessed the plan and went through all major areas. Questions and comments were raised and tasks given as a result:
    • Statewide Borrowing: A committee and a timetable need to be established to address this very important issue. B. Edmonds established a committee to meet in the Fall 2012 and begin to put parameters around statewide borrowing. Committee consist of B. Edmonds, E. Doucette, A. Turley, L. Lord
    • Questions were raised regarding Social Media and its purpose. P. O’Kane described how and for what purposes MSL uses Social Media as well as explained the goals of social media and how we’re meeting them. Follow-up questions and comments suggested that additional information is needed (please see separately attached document provide by P. O’Kane drafted following the Commission Meeting).
    • Questions were raised regarding the Advocacy Plan and efforts. L. Lord responded that advocacy efforts will be established by her and updates would be provided at Commission Meetings.
  • B. Edmonds and E. Doucett discussed the importance of having a flexible and up-to-date plan that evolves as needed. E. Doucett offered to meet with L. Lord and J. Ritter to discuss ways the presentation of the plan could be more effective and to subsequently revise the Action Plan document
  • B. Edmonds indicated that discussions regarding the entirety of the Strategic Plan (evolving, evaluating, and making recommendations) would take place in the Fall of 2012, and she will establish a small committee at such time to do so.

Van Delivery RFP Update:

  • J. Ritter discussed that Freedom Xpress Inc. was the winning bid for the RFP and that contract negotiations were taking place. Estimated that the new contract would be in place by June 30, 2012
  • Costs for delivery services would remain at current levels for the 2012-13 FY

James Jackson Sanborn - Maine InfoNet Presentation (Unified Catalog)

  • J.J.S. reported that the Maine InfoNet Board appointed Pauline Angione to serve on the Board and represent “Small Libraries”.
  • SOLAR is expanding to include as many as 25-28 libraries.
  • The subcommittee established by MLC and Maine InfoNet met and is initiating a survey to measure the potential interest in state-wide automation efforts/unified catalog

ARRC Funding/Results

  • Conversation focused on the ability to understand common services between the ARRCs so that measurement and reporting could be consistent.
  • S. Podgajny indicated that ARRC functions go beyond ILL and simply measuring that service can’t be used as the ultimate value of ARRCs.
  • The group will continue to discuss ways to identify common areas of measurement LSTA 5-year Plan helps to establish reporting benchmarks and these will be used as the base.

State Librarian Report

  • Provided the Cultural Affairs Council (CAC) report to Commission Members
  • L. Lord indicated vacation in September
  • Exploring changes in statute for Government Documents and proceeding with the bepress Digital Commons contract. S. Podgajny indicated that MSL should always play a lead role in preserving and making accessible Government Documents.

Consultant Reports

  • Discussed the upcoming Public Library Director’s Institute in which S. Podgajny is the Key Note speaker and also the Libraries United Conference
  • End of September the Marvelous Marvel challenge will take place.
  • September 27 Fall Tri-District Council Meeting featuring Warren Graham
  • Consultants were part of the School Library Conference
  • Working on securing David Lankes for Council Meetings May 2013
  • Numerous comments were made by Commission members indicating that the level of speakers is very good at council meetings and also that school libraries are beginning to feel included in MSL related services and events

Other Business

  • No other business

Motion made to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 2:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Secretary
James Ritter
MSL, Director of Reader and Information Services