Maine State Library Commission September 24, 2012

Meeting called to order at 1:00 PM

Present: Beth Edmonds (Chair), Joyce Rumery (Vice Chair), Art Turley, Inese Gruber, Karen Baldacci, Molly Larson, Elisabeth Doucett
Absent: Charlie Campo, Dick Thompson, Debe Averill, Steve Podgajny, Barbara McDade
Also present: Linda Lord, James Ritter, Janet McKenney, Mamie Ney, Stephanie Zurinski, Valerie Osborne, James Jackson Sanborn (via Video)


  • Minutes from the June 4, 2012 meeting were approved.

Strategic Plan Update:

  • Numerous members commented on the new layout of the Plan
  • Various members of MSL staff provided updates to the highest priority items on the strategic plan
  • Ongoing updates of high priority items will be given at future Commission Meetings
  • No material questions or follow-up items were noted or required

Maine Policy Review:

  • J.Rumery provided an update regarding the Maine Policy Review’s (from Margaret Chase Smith Center) interest in devoting Spring 2013 publication to libraries
  • Small working group established to provide information and context to the report

Library Standards:

  • Maine Library Association (MLA) voted and agreed to place the ownership and development of Maine Library Standards to the Maine Library Commission, and in doing so help to guarantee future standards that can be potentially enforced through the Maine Library Commission’s rule Making Authority if necessary.
  • B.Edmonds appointed A.Turley, L.Doucett, L.Lord, Consultants, and Susan Preece to make recommendation on standards that can be reviewed by the Maine Library Commission.

Area Reference and Resource Center (ARRC):

  • Reporting guidelines are now in ARRC contracts for the Bangor and Portland Public Libraries. Also, ARRC reporting requirements are part of the LSTA 5-year plan.

State Librarian Report:

  • L.Lord provided updates on Digital Commons, Senate Candidate visits, and the Friends of the Blaine House Tea.
    • Digital Commons: Contract approved and submitted and initial draft of landing page is being worked on
    • Senate Candidates: Met with all three (King, Dill, Summers) and all were receptive to LSTA and eRate components of federal funding
    • Friends of MSL Tea at the Blaine House has been postponed until October 9. FoMSL secured corporate donations from Geiger Brothers and LL Bean.
  • L.Lord and A.Turley provided a brief update regarding their joint interview with Margaret Craven and Dick Wagner by a local Lewiston television station. The interview promoted the work libraries are doing in Maine and specifically, the Lewiston/Auburn system.
  • L.Lord added that P.O’Kane was interviewed by C-SPAN for a segment highlighting MSL’s unique collection materials.

Consultant Reports (V.Osborne gave update):

  • Providing Database Education Marvelous Marvel education has over 123 participants signed up and they expect more.
  • 247 people registered to attend the Tri-District Meeting for 9/27/12. Warren Grahm is guest speaker.
  • Online workshops to assist with School Advocacy and Education will begin in January.
  • Working on developing a “Be a Great Boss” program for library directors.
  • S.Zurinski attending COSLINE meeting October 23-24 in Ocean City, MD.
  • S.Zurinksi also attended a Digital Literacy education session hosted by the Gates Foundation.
  • MSL is coordinating a grant from the Brownstone Foundation which will give 100 children’s books to approximately 40 to 50 Maine libraries.

James Jackson Sanborn Maine InfoNet Presentation (Unified Catalog):

  • J.J.S. informed that the Maine InfoNet Library Directors Institute would be hosting a guest speaker on November 16 John Szabo of the Los Angelos City Library System.
  • New libraries are being added to MaineCAT overall eight new libraries will be added over the next year. They include: Wells, Ellsworth, Lubec, Freeport, Northeast Harbor, Farmington, Wilton, and Kennebunk.
  • Maine InfoNet Board established a sub-committee to make recommendations on a vendor that can support catalog and shared resources for Maine libraries over the next 3-5 years.
    • A “Needs” document is being developed with the goal of making any future system scalable so it can include all libraries (at a cost on a scalable spectrum)
    • Significant attention being given to understanding the capabilities of Tripple I’s Sierra MT product. OCLC product has not developed according to plans and at this time does not meet core basic needs for scalability and growth.

Other Business:

  • A.Turley announced the launch of - a site devoted to mobile content offered by the Lewiston and Auburn Public Libraries.
  • S.Preece updated Commission on the role of the District Liaison Committee (DLC) an encouraged members to attend.
  • J.Ritter and P.O’Kane distributed new MSL Library Cards to all Commission Members.

Motion made to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 2:46 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Secretary
James Ritter
MSL, Director of Reader and Information Services