Maine Library Commission Minutes, November 26, 2012

Meeting called to order at 1:00PM.


Present: Beth Edmonds (Chair), Charlie Campo, Dick Thompson, Art Turley, Mike Kennedy, Michael Hays, Steve Podgajny (phone), Barbara McDade,

Absent: Joyce Rumery (Vice Chair), Inese Gruber, Karen Baldacci, Molly Larson, Elisabeth Doucett, Debe Averill

Also present: Linda Lord, James Ritter, Janet McKenney, Mamie Ney, Stephanie Zurinski, Valerie Osborne, and James Jackson Sanborn



Introductions were made – new Commission Member Michael Hays was introduced. Minutes from the September 24, 2012 meeting were approved.

Kathy Brunjes

All remembered fondly the life of Kathy Brunjes, and the Commission will collect donations and purchase a book in Kathy's memory – book to be donated to Kathy's library.

Strategic Plan Update

Various members of MSL staff provided updates on all items of the strategic plan.

Ongoing updates of high priority items will be given at future Commission Meetings Few questions/comments were made as updates were given:

  • Linda and Janet will present at a Digital Literacy Summit
  • B. Edmonds underscored the importance of promoting Bepress (State Documents) once live
  • E-Rate responsibility at DOE will be given to individual other than DOE's library liaison staff member
  • ARRC reporting to come via LSTA reports and other avenues – first series of date and analysis January 2013
  • Continue to get word out regarding Common Collection Grant – future of project will depend of individual library funding
  • Friends of the Maine State Library (Mike Kennedy provided a detailed update regarding Friends Activities):
    • Programming: A historic preservation focus would continue;
    • however, an emphasis on early Childhood Literacy would be established. Elements of fundraising surrounding early childhood literacy will take place:
    • Pursuing fundraising through the numerous "Book Clubs" in Maine. For example, a Book Club may agree to donate $100 to the Friends to be used specifically to support Early Childhood Literacy. A suggestion to 'brand'
      this effort as "Book Clubs Unite: Support Early Childhood Literacy" was made and many thought this captured the essence of the program and fundraising.
    • Funds could be used in a variety of ways: Statewide training programs; Early Literacy Kits for libraries; support of a Consultant position; etc. Next steps will be to put more specific parameters around this effort and to begin to spread word to Book Clubs
    • Newsletters and fundraising letters: The Friends will use an e-content provide "Constant Contact" as a way to generate quarterly newsletters. The first newsletter will highlight successes with regard to recent grants, the Tea at the Blaine House, fundraising programs, and thanking all members. Also, mention of LL Bean Tote Bags will be made in the newsletter – the first 50 individuals who give $100 or more will receive an LL Bean Boat and Tote bag embroidered with the FoMSL web address.
    • Future events: Pursuing an opportunity to have Seth Westcott speak regarding his experience as an Olympic Gold Medalist. The next Friends event (not withstanding an event with Seth Westcott) will likely take place in the spring and will emphasize Early Childhood Literacy. Date/Location TBD.
  • Library Standard Committee: Committee is A.Turley, E. Doucett, L. Lord, S. Preece, District Consultants. A.Turley indicated that the Committee met for the first time on 11/26 (all present except E.Doucett). Began conversation regarding scope of standards and expect to have more fleshed out over the course of 2013. B. Edmonds asked that future Commission Meetings include a report of this committee as they conduct their work through 2013.
  • James Jackson Sanborn – Maine InfoNet Presentation (Unified Catalog) Provided update on SOLAR and libraries included: Wells, Ellsworth, Lubec are live; Freeport, Northeast Harbor are next to go live in December, then Farmington, Wilton, and Kennebunk. Blue Hill and Hartland are piloting a test within SOLAR in which their Patron Databases are loaded as well – allows for patrons to request their own material. Overdrive e-Books and Audio Books now has approximately 10,000 items in the collection and circulates about 20,000 items per month. 231 libraries are members.
    • J.J.S. briefly gave overview of MaineCAT for new member Michael Hayes.
    • Maine InfoNet Board sub-committee to make recommendations on a vendor that can support catalog and shared resources for Maine libraries over the next 3-5 years met and has identified next steps:
    • A "Needs" document has been developed outlining needs, concerns, and priority questions
    • Meeting with Triple I regarding Sierra MT will take place in person at mid-winter ALA to discuss the product and the Triple I relationship with Maine
  • State Librarian Report: Updated on meeting with Governor LePage – focus on early childhood literacy. Provided brief summary of meeting with Budget Committee and highlighted areas we're looking to pursue for new funding Underscored importance of Digital Literacy workshops – indicated she would follow-up with an email (MELIBS) supporting training sessions going on around the State of Maine
    • B. McDade asked if training would be basic or more advanced given new technologies, etc. J. McKenney indicated that sessions would be supported by a national effort and would be both basic and more advanced philosophically (e.g. why digital literacy is critical)
  • Consultant Reports:
    • M. Ney: DOE has created a Statewide Literacy Plan (Birth to Death), however limited funding is now impacting the roll-out. Roll-out will begin with a 5-webinar series to kick it off. Consultants will be instrumental in helping to facilitate brining communities together to define their own literacy plans/needs B. Edmonds indicated that Digital Literacy should be included in all "literacy" efforts going forward and should not be distinguished between traditional literacy plans and efforts The Brownstone Book Fund will support 45 libraries in Maine with 100 children's books going to each library (processing included) "Turning the Page" advocacy effort is now being overseen by local coordinators in every state to help keep the program going on a local level. M. Ney has completed training and she will undertake the effort to continue advancing this program in Maine.
    • S. Zurinski: Marvelous Marvel Invitational has over 126 participants with an active participation rate of nearly 70% -- it has been a great success. Attended Cosline meeting in Ocean City., Maryland – attended featured presentation on "Thinking about the Future" given by the Pennsylvania State Librarian. Cosline meeting also featured workshops on Maker Spaces and S. Zurinski is looking into creating bringing such a workshop to Maine at a future event.
    • V. Osborne: Will host two training sessions in February 2013 via Adobe Connect, Nells Leadership program will indicate how many Maine 'spots' are available for participants this week (11-26-12) and then applications can commence Suggested a Reading Literacy Calendar focusing on early childhood literacy that could be made available to children throughout the state. She is researching funding possibilities and also has a meeting with children's author/illustrator Melissa Sweet to gauge her interest in participation.
  • Other Business: L. Lord mentioned that there is a local group of businesses and business people dedicated to raising considerable funding for early literacy efforts – she has meeting scheduled to discuss if and how MSL might be involved in future efforts.

Motion made to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 2:51 pm.
Next meeting is January 14, 2013 at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Acting Secretary
James Ritter
MSL, Director of Reader and Information Services