Maine Library Commission Strategic Plan for Maine State Library 2011-2013

The Maine Library Commission has devised a strategic plan for operation of the Maine State Library.  This plan, which shall remain in force from 2011 through 2013, is a working document, subject to revision during that period by the Maine Library Commission.

Vision Statement

The Maine State Library contributes to the prosperity of the state and the quality of life of its people through access to knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

Mission Statement

The Maine State Library will advance and promote library services and collection resources for all of Maine.


  • Align State Library resources to maximize output to core service areas.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the Maine State Library and the Maine Department of Education in order to better serve the K-12 population of Maine through its school libraries.
  • Advocate for libraries within the state of Maine.
  • Establish continuing education plan/programs for Maine State Library staff development.
  • Improve library services throughout the state by identifying and defining minimum standards.