Material Format, Gifts, Challenged Materials

Material Format

  • Digitized Collection: Efforts will be made to digitize collections unique to the State Library. A priority list of materials to be digitized will be established. Priorities will be based on demand for material, condition of material and historical value of material. As material is digitized it will be added to URSUS. Original materials will continue to be housed even after digitization.
  • E-Books: E-books are not currently collected by the State Library. Access to books is through Maine Infonet. E-books by Maine authors which are available only in E-book format will be considered for inclusion in the collection.
  • Microforms: A variety of materials are available in microform. Print copies of some newspapers are replaced with microfilm after two months or when the film becomes available.
Gifts of books, periodicals, maps and other library materials are appreciated but can only be accepted within the general collection development policy of the Library as stated in this document. Acceptance of gifts is made with the understanding that there are no limiting conditions or restrictions regarding their disposition; ownership is held exclusively by the Maine State Library. Disposal of gifts is at the discretion of the library staff. Effort shall be made to distribute gifts to other libraries in Maine. Only in extremely rare instances would the State Library consider acquiring a collection that would remain intact. The State Library cannot offer appraisals of items or collections, nor estimate the value of a gift once accepted. Donors are responsible for determining estimates for tax purposes.
Challenged Materials
Objections to the MSL owning a particular item will be governed by the following three American Library Association guidelines: Library Bill of Rights, Challenged Materials: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights, and Freedom to Read Statement. (Appendices C, D, and E). The challenger will be offered the opportunity to fill out a Request for Reconsideration of an Item (Appendix F). The request will be reviewed by the full reference staff and a recommendation forwarded to the State Librarian who will issue a written decision to the challenger.

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