Warranty Repair / Hardware Issues

Problems with any computers? Won't boot up, freezes, keyboard not working, etc? Each library should contact Lenovo support directly first for any warranty repair or hardware issues with their machines. There is a 3 year warranty with on-site service. Review the ThinkPlus Warranty Services Agrement1009, [PDF, 115 KB]

Warranties for the BTOP laptops expire 6/29/2014. Most warranties for the BTOP desktop models expire 6/8/2014, and the remainder expire 7/26/2014. Please check the warranty status lookup link below to confirm for any particular serial number.

Example of Lenovo's type and serial number(SN)

Note: Support will ask for a MTM (machine type) and the serial number. Both of these are on the back of the unit. The MTM is a 4 digit number. Example to the right.

  1. Lenovo Warranty Status Lookup
  2. Lenovo Warranty Repair Support: 1-800-IBM-SERV (426-7378)
  3. Contact: Jared Leadbetter
  4. Last Resort - Networkmaine Support: To get On-Site Support you must contact the Help Desk at 1-888-367-6756 or support@msln.net.